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Candied Jalapeños SPREAD Recipe – JOIN ME IN THE KITCHEN!!

Great for future soups, bread spread, tacos, chili night, sandwiches, dip with cream cheese, spicy

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  1. We have no AC so windows were indeed open. We also have a ceiling fan over the kitchen table so that helped as well. But there were times it was still pretty strong.

  2. My father in law showed us a cowboy candy, but it was super basic. My son still makes it on occasion. It’s just a store bought jar of jalapeños, pour them into a bowl and layer jalapeños and sugar back into the jar until full. Pour what will fit of the juice back into the jar. Put the jar on its side in the fridge (we put it inside a bowl in case it leaks), and turn it every day for about a week or so until the sugar desolves. Then, put it on crackers with cream cheese. It’s pretty good.

  3. I just made well over 20 jars of chicken noodle soup. Getting ready for that season! Man, that cowboy candy would be so good in things.

  4. I am loving this idea, I really need to give it a try. I tend to do best in our cold, wet climate with Chinese 5 color peppers and they are a little hotter than jalapeños. I usually dry and powder but may try this with a a bit of what I have

    1. I meant to add that I have some pretty good recipes on making homemade crackers. Our favorite is the cracker bread. SO good! I also sometimes make a multi grain cracker but they do not turn out as crispy as the cracker bread

  5. Soak that blender with some water and baking soda before you make that butter – I use a lot of red fresno peppers – hotter than jalapeno but not as hot as habanero – baking soda/hot water soak for 24 hours helps fix that! Although I wouldn’t mind spicy butter 🙂

  6. I made your recipe for Cowboy Candy. It is fabulous. I made the spread and used it in a hamburger. My mouth was in heaven. I sent a jar to my son in law to try. Waiting to see what he thinks. Like me, He loves jalapenos. I will be making more for my pantry storage. It made 12 half pints.

  7. I make cowboy candy every year. Not your recipe but it all sounds great to me. We use it on brats, burgers, tacos, whatever

  8. Zach my hubby loves the Stupid Should Hurt shirt I bought from you at the Ozark homestead conference. He wants to wear to work but I’m sure he’ll get in trouble. Lol love the vids.

  9. Funny and true story – about 10 years ago, we had a mess of pumpkin habaneros that I wanted to dry and put in a shaker. We love hot chili and Asian chili oils for cooking. It was early one Saturday afternoon when the kids, grandkids and my mom were visiting. In a brief lapse of judgment, I thought it would be a good time to pull out the air cooker, which had a dehydrating setting, and get those peppers processed.

    Open floor plan. Galley kitchen. Everyone is spread out on the leather sectional watching a movie. The peppers start to make the turn from their schoolbus orange to Crayola’s burnt umber. I am encouraged that we are making progress. All of a sudden, everyone begins to cough. Then sneeze. Then the tears happened. It hit me that I probably should have placed the dryer of death outside on the deck.

    I re-gloved, having removed my MOPP level 5 pepper protective posture gear after the initial setup, thinking my latex gloves would suffice. I placed the unit on the deck and closed the sliding glass doors. After a solid hand washing, I joined the rest of the crew in the living room, noticing that the gas chamber had mostly cleared and everyone still had their eyeballs and lungs.

    A very short time later, I felt the urge to relieve myself (squirt the dirt, drain the vein, whatever) and went about the task with efficiency and without any concern. Upon my return to the gathering, I began to notice a discomfort in the nether region that seemed to get worse with each breath. Within five minutes, I was hopping with discomfort and realized I had made a mistake.

    Somehow, despite the gloves and handwashing, I had contaminated my bare hands with the smoke or oil from those habaneros. 500,000 SHU. Hot.

    I decide to inspect the damage and excuse myself to the master bathroom. What a revelation. My “junk” (all components of said junk) was swollen like a baloon animal. It was at that point that I made my second mistake and that was to sit in a tub of water. Nay, nay. Never do that again.

    Imagine lit napalm to the nether region and you have an idea what the experience was like. The moral to the story is that if you are ever of the mind to prepare roasted nuts, make sure the peppers are drying outside.

    P.S. – fully recovered. Now fluent in Español.

  10. Never heard if it before, but had a bunch of extra jalapeno this year so I’m cooking up a batch now. Its a nice spice blend. How did a cowboy find all these ingredients on the dusty trail? Dang that’s tasty!

    1. It doesn’t forbid the eating of soy or poison ivy, but why would you want to eat that? Everything must be viewed accordingly.

    2. Torah doesn’t forbid marrying 1,000 women if you’re not a king or a Bishop… But everything must be weighed in the scales of reasonability. The letter of the law shouldn’t be examined, but the meaning. @An American Homestead

    1. Nothing says we canˋt eat eggs… “If a bird’s nest is found before you on the road in any tree or on the ground, and there are chicks or eggs, and the mother is lying down on the chicks or the eggs, you shall not take the mother along with the young; you shall certainly let the mother go, but you may take the young for yourselves; do this so that it may go well for you and you may live long in the land. Deut.22:6-7

  11. Okay we just finished 14 pounds, we replaced the Molasses with raw Honey. now our peppers are extremely hot. Not sure how this is suppose to taste like, Our Sugar sauce taste like hot suicide sauce, Donˋt really taste the sugar even though we followed your measurements! Now does the Sugar sauce harden overtime (Like a jam consistancy?)

  12. Great idea with the spread. I can cream cheese. This would be great creamed together and then canned. I will buy a ton of fresh cranberries to make jam and juice in the fall and freeze the rest to add to the fruit cocktail, which is so good and great during the winter. But anyway , I add cranberries and fresh pineapple to my cowboy candy with most of your ingredients, too. Always love your videos!

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