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Biden came out and stated that inflation is now at 0%. However, Americans still seem to be struggling.


Vegetable Fermentation At Home!

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  1. I’ll Bet You The Bank Wouldn’t Sell the 1 Ounce Silver Coin for $1 Dollar, If The Bank Did Sell The $1 For Ounce Silver Coin, I Would Buy as Much as I Can, I Would Back up The Truck. Thank you.

  2. Silver is Legal Money the Bank Should Have Silver in The Bank, So People can Exchange Their 1 Dollar For 1 Once of Silver, Thank you.

  3. The Conference Leading Economic Indicator has determined biden’s statement was a lie. Covid wasnt the first time we’ve been lied to..

  4. We were living paycheck to paycheck just a few years ago, read Dave Ramsey’s book, started keeping track of our spending and debts every month, started paying off one of the many loans we had out and gradually we got them all paid off except our mortgage. Use cash as much as possible and start saving for your retirement.

  5. I believe Elon Musk is MK ultra controlled by the woman posing as his mother. Actually it really looks like a man. Have you seen his witchcraft wife.


    That Cyber truck you showed that’s not a real picture because the bed of the cyber truck is 72 in long and a regular mountain bike is 69 in in length. I would go to reputable sites that have reviewed the truck before I just randomly post misinformation

  7. Our Familia owns a pizza parlor here in lower Michigan. The prices for our toppings for the pizzas have increased tremendously. We have raised our prices on the pizzas a bit . So we decided to give free breadsticks with every order. We fill a 14 inch pizza box with them. The community has been very good to us . Helping to keep us going. We are very blessed

  8. Hearing the set of lies from this administration has me thinking price controls as well.

    We have been seeing our prices going up on our packaging and supply lines, but we are doing our best to keep prices low. Some of our collections will be going up but will still be low prices for what our customers get.

  9. I will say this, having a bumbling idiot for a president (or if youre like me and think he is a traitor and they are doing it all on purpose) people are scared and they are buying seeds. I got into business selling seeds because we knew this was coming years ago. It will get much worse. People who have never grown a thing in their lives are buying seeds and asking how to grow tips all the time. Keep telling the truth, cause people qre waking up.

  10. The way that “inflation” is calculated has changed drastically. Numbers and reports can be easily manipulated to produce the desired results. (hint, hint)

  11. We are business owners, and we are thriving. We build websites for small biz owners and some of our restaurants are struggling with narrow margins. We buy in bulk and from local farmers for meat. Relationships with area farmers is your best bet and trade is even better.

  12. You are dead wrong with large corporations . I set in a position that I dealt with the profit margin .The margins in product sales is in many times almost 100% or more even small business folks yes I also had my own business have very large margins . If a business is not making enough money they sell items not wanted ,niche or junk its that simple .My margin before I retired from my job and business was between 100 and 400 percent .Thus when we had ” Sale ” on a popular item it was still very lucrative . Its all about what you sell ,quality and popularity .Locations dont hurt either . Its hard to sell water in the middle of a lake folks .

  13. Our small business took a hit but we’re still able to have about 15 employees. I think what a lot of people are forgetting today is that “back in the day” the woman stayed home and took care of the children, the husband, the house, etc. Meals were prepared at home and eating out was rare. One vehicle per family was much more common than 2. One television, no extra costs for cable or 500 million different streaming services. No elaborate video game consoles (which, from what I understand, now have their own streaming services??). One phone in the home that was in a permanent (and public) location. Basic clothing and shoes. And so on.
    Now we are entitled to all sorts of electronic things, daily entertainment, convenience foods, eating out several times a week, each having our own vehicles ….. well, the list goes on and on.
    Even CHILDREN are entitled to their own cell phones. Eeeek!! No way.

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