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EU Proposes LAW To CONFISCATE Your Classic Car

Tyranny knowns no bounds until you punch it in the face and knock it down. Now they want your older car and CLASSICS too!


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Comment (16)

  1. Hey everyone sounds like we are close to the movie Logans run. We are so close to a worldwide civilization war.

  2. From what I understand, they can’t put a “kill” switch in the old cars that don’t have computers, I think before the 90’s. So that may be why they don’t want people driving those because they can’t control them!

  3. Companies no longer care about about reliability and work in vehicles its all about selling the features to you, it’s got heated seats, automatic windshield wipers, cameras for every angle of the car, it learns your driving behavior, it’s got tvs with wifi, it’s only going to cost you 100,000- 150,000 for it and it’s going to break because some electrical problems are going to pop up every couple months or the aluminum transmission is gonna go out or maybe your engine is gonna go blow because your computer glitched and messed up the timing somewhere, or you could buy a $3000 car that won’t break for another 100,000- 120,000 miles, but nevermind the government won’t allow you to have that car anymore

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  5. In any country where you have vehicle registration you are effectively already giving up the ownership of that vehicle to the state and paying a yearly fee for the “privilege” of doing so! You are not the owner, merely the “registered keeper”. Possession is 9/10ths of the law, as they say. What’s the other 1/10th? I’m picking it’s the actual ownership.

  6. This is straight WEF agenda. Those bastards are trying to take away everything we own. You will own nothing and be happy. Their words.

  7. Alex Jones tells us that safe rural living is false security because the ds will come for country dwellers after destroying cities.

  8. I daily a 2003 rav 4. It was my parents’. Now it only has about 135k miles but it’s been very reliable. Just has to warm up in the cold. I work on most of the stuff myself and I was able to afford a truck that will also last forever. I don’t see a reason to spend over 25k on a vehicle and I don’t mind keeping things for 20 years. I’ll probably drive these same two vehicles for the next 20.

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