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Confiscation In Tennessee Happening Now! – PROOF

Share the video to bring awareness! Chicken owners in Tennessee are in danger of having their chickens confiscated!


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  1. First the chickens then the cats, dogs, squirrels, horses, cows and ALL OTHER creatures who pee & poop in the streams, creeks, rivers, lakes, ground, etc., because eventually it ALL ends up in the drinking water which is WHY the water companies are supposed to have a water filtering & waste system in place.

  2. See, the problem with people having chickens in a neighborhood is that they bring coyotes and other such dangers. Not only that, but roosters can be a noise violation. There genuinely is no reason for anyone to own chickens in a neighborhood.

  3. My wife did an online check-in for her annual medical appointment, and the process included a question about whether we have firearms in the house or not. A friend of mine is a home health care nurse. He is a former deputy sheriff and tells me he is supposed to ask the nursing clients if they have guns in the house. He simply answers NO on all of them and does not ask the question. Of course we are not going to be truthful about such a question either. They are datamining everything.

  4. coyotes are all in the cities, no matter if there are chickens or not. Go research about the coyotes in chicago.

  5. Because they can’t have people self sufficient. They need us all eating bugs from farms that belong to Bill Gates!

  6. I’ve been telling people about the NAIS for YEARS and YEARS and no one had heard of it, National Animal Identification System, got my local newspaper to write an article on it. They keep trying to enforce it under different names. I have a video about what the government has to do with your chickens. Some states already have that rule/law/ordinance, whatever it really is, but it is NO ONE’s business what chickens we have. They know if they try to control backyard flocks like commercial ones, people will just give up eventually and buy eggs at the store. Self-sufficency is the enemy of big government and that is the goal of laws like that, to keep you dependent on others for your food #DONOTCOMPLY. My food, my choice. You can walk through my barn and can’t smell anything bad. In fact, chickens are clean animals if you keep their environment clean (they can’t do that for themselves). I pick several of mine up every day, some smell as clean as dryer sheets when I put my nose in their hackle feathers. Barking dogs make a ton more noise than chickens around here. I’d rather hear my roosters and other roosters in the vicinity crow all night long every night than weedwhackers, lawnmowers, ATVs and loud music playing. But them there city folk have zero knowledge of chickens, what they’re like or their management. If you register your premises or your flock, you’ve lost the battle and maybe the war. Just be sure of your local ordinances and your n’hood covenants. ~Cynthia

  7. Those are Maritime laws from USA Inc. which went bankrupt, and is no more. Just say “I will not comply with unconstitutional laws!”

  8. I would have thought they would go after scary black chickens with high capacity egg lay’n capabilities, first.

  9. Wasn’t it Henry Kissinger that said “Control the food supply & you control the people”? We’ve all known this was coming. We’ve read their books & listened to their interviews, etc. This chicken thing does not surprise me.

  10. In my old community (NE OH) the coyotes weren’t coming for the chickens, they were coming for the tiny designer dogs.

  11. When the government says they’re here to help, they’re usually not. They claim they’re worried about chickens polluting the waters yet they downplayed what took place in Palestine, Ohio. Give me a break!

  12. Been raising birds for 37 years and I’m not gonna stop. Thanks for the heads up. If they ever require a permit here, I won’t apply.

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