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Kamala’s PERFECT Hypocrisy – Wood and Gas Stove Bans!

You shouldn’t be using these dangerous and harmful appliances but it’s totally fine if we don’t lead by example.

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  1. You’re right. They only need pressure the insurance companies to deny coverage. Then exceptions will be made for the elites.

  2. In my off grid house in northern Scotland I bought a French stove/oven that is propane and requires a match to start. Lacanche are the best! 

    UK stove/ovens have fans and electric thermometers. If you don’t have electric a propane oven simply will not work.

    If you want bread when the balloon goes up, get a wood cooking oven….even my Lacanche won’t work after my three years of propane is gone.

  3. You were sooo right about people starting to homeschool when the kids were sent home because of COVID and realizing what they were being taught and how 2-3 hours of homework a night could actually be almost of the time needed to complete a child’s school per day. I went to our first homeschool meetup for girls ages 7-11 today with my daughter and I was asking some of the moms why and when they started homeschooling and that was the two responses I received from them.

  4. People have to be considered “oppressed” to get anything in this country. Can we identify as bidenomics oppressed to keep our preferred energy sources in our home? Probably not since the only thing that seems to matter to these people is non-white races, sexual orientation and gender confusion. It feels so insidious when you realize that everything comes down to that for this administration.

  5. I live in Minnesota. It’s blue. We live in the reddest county. I have gone to our senators house with our electric bills. He is saddened and sickened by everything. Not just the electric bills. He is a cattle and turkey rancher. It devastated him he see me crying in his entry. He said they try everything they can. It’s the blue counties that make the majority.
    We r f*cked till they kill each other off n we kill the survivors of those (last sentence, my words on the out come) Zach…… Please see the bigger picture on the blue states. It’s two areas in our state. Look at the rest of the state….red. I don’t know what else to say. But I’m sad about all of this. I stress and prep every day.

  6. Zack answer me this: What good is it going to do to become a producer if you don’t have a way to cook it? You know if they outlaw everything but electric the cost will become prohibitive. We’ll all eat raw food, in the cold and dark.

  7. Ya I wish we could send Truedeau to a different realm lol. Live in Alberta. Truedeau is REAL popular out west here. So popular that there’s a movement for separation from Canada in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

  8. I’m in Alberta. Nothing of the sort like this in Canada YET but I put nothing past Truedeau. He is a WEF crony and will get around to this but right now he is embroiled in a war with different Canadian premier’s. His biggest opponent and thorn in his side is Premier Danielle Smith of Alberta. She has fought his every move to attack Alberta and the energy sector here. She has just taken the Truedeau government to court to fight another of his environmental cult over reaches into Alberta’s economy. If he went after wood and gas stoves she would fight him and stop that to. The woman is very smart and head strong and she really doesn’t like him like most of Canada lol.

  9. Common people won’t be able to fry an egg on a gas burner, but the rich lawmakers will heat the air outdoors on their patios and around their pools! Why not restrict the ridiculous extravagance first? Why not ration fuel use by yachts? Because the people with yachts and heated pools are making the laws.

  10. Some counties in Utah have been banning wood burning for years at certain times of the winter when there is an inversion. Unless it’s your only form of heat. Yet nobody is allowed to build a house like that in the cities.

  11. There are air quality alerts and the borough won’t let people use their woodstove in parts of AK when it is the most cold because at -20°F to -40°F+ below the air quality is too bad. Few hang out at those temperatures anyway. The EPA wants people to switch from woodstoves to propane for secondary heat. The borough has been arguing with the EPA for a while. You need a woodstove for safety if the furnace stops working or electric is out. You can always chop a tree down, you can’t run outside and pull propane out of the air. Supply chains break down, especially to Alaska. Let people heat their homes the arctic!

  12. Just had the box and chimney put in for my woodburning cookstove, yesterday.

    What people do to heat our homes safely is nobody else’s business. Our VP needs to mind her own business.

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