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Garden Ramblings and My Quick Take on FRANCE

Some more ramblings on the Garden this year. I’ve had a few casualties.

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Comment (16)

  1. I do hands on each plant while the soaker hoses are watering. They use less water and soak the ground well. I agree with hands and eyes on the plants. I trim the suckers, pull off any leaves that need it, make sure there is plenty of air flow, and take care of any pests I find at that time.

  2. @Zach Europe is downright being infested with this scum and has been so for years, because the Left love them so much. Countries like Poland and Hungary that refuse to admit these muslim “refugees” are being frowned upon heavily by the EU, but not by us regular folks!

  3. I do use drip line and soaker hoses to water, however I am in my garden no less than 2 times a day doing the other work that goes with it.
    Watering is actually the only easy part. I only water my tomatoes and peppers once a week when it’s needed.
    Other plants vary depending on the plant. I’ve personally found that my tomatoes and peppers do better without too much water.
    Gardening is hard work but watering is the one thing I’ve made easy.
    Yes, stay on top of those bugs…hornworms, squash bugs, etc

  4. Lazy my ass! Yea, I said I use drip tape and love it. NO it’s not so I don’t have to work in my garden every day! HELL NO ZAC! That’s an ignorant statement! Your painting with a very broad brush! I use drip tape so that I can single handedly care for a 10,000 square foot garden AND a 44 foot greenhouse and care for 300 berry bushes, asparagus, etc AND care for 223 fruit trees! Then when I have spare time, I take care of the animals!
    I don’t have time to take your ignorant abuse so it might be better if you just stop being so damn judgmental!

  5. The faucet finally turned on here in the Florida of Iowa. I think we got 5″ this past week. We were thin and had to water some with the soaker hose but were getting enough to get by. We’ve built up the soil and mulch so we retain moisture well.

    Pipichia is also a good cilantro sub.

  6. Are you familiar with Seth at land to house? He does ram pumps. I use his pump that uses no electricity of any kind to pump my creek straight up the side of the ridge about 300 ft. This could help tons of your watchers with the water issue.

  7. Hi Zach! Our Well has run dry! We have to buy water just to drink and take baths…it’s super bad this yr, even with the rain we got this morning!

  8. When I’m out working in my garden, I often think of you saying, “Gardening is war!” It totally is, for all the reasons you’ve stated. Hard work, but the pay off is worth it.

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