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Our Off Grid Homestead Solar Energy System – SUNGOLDPOWER SP6548 Solar Inverter

Being able to produce your own power without third party interference could come in handy some day. Here is how we do it and how we got there.

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  1. I am not understanding putting the panels on the roof. Seems they would be more efficient on the ground where angle could be adjusted throughout the year. And going up on a roof to shovel snow off panels is not something we want to do especially at our age.

  2. As a viewer from the beginning, it’s really amazing to see what all you’ve been able to accomplish and upgrade! Love your explanations and encouragement to those who are learning. Thanks for all the details.

  3. Do you believe the dimming that may follow from all the chemtrail work will significantly impact solar in the future?

  4. Thanks for breaking it down. I just finished my RV 12v system internals. Need to hang some panels. I am using the sig solar 6500EX 48 and still building out my battery boxes for my standalone Larger system for Shop. What major loads are you running on it? Trying to figure out how many more batteries I will truly need for shady days.

    1. That’s why the NEC (National Electrical Code) requires “rapid shutdown” capabilities in all solar systems. Every battery bank should also have overcurrent protection at it’s output. Another code requirement.

  5. Be aware that if you are planning on upgrading a little at a time, once you exceed the capacity of the inverter you can not add capacity to that inverter. It will no longer be of use unless it is used for completely isolated stand alone circuits. This is because you can not parallel AC circuits unless the circuits are synchronized. If the two circuits are out of phase paralleling will cause a short circuit.

  6. So is it ok to assume/estimate that scaling it to power a home with a 12 solar panels system (including all parts) may cost ~ $18,000 (materials only? And how about labor, if any needed for the design/execution to compliance?) – Thanks!

  7. Thank you for sharing the website!! This is much more affordable than these other solar companies that partner with electric companies!!! Wow!

  8. I’m really admiring that all in one system I checked out our neighbors system just up the road, and his is an older one, with all the individual components. I prefer streamlined and easy to read, systems…especially after being in the naval engineering world where everything is absolutely complicated or red tapped to death.

  9. what does the current solar system cost minus generator if one is used? how many kw of battery storage?

  10. Zak, how you doing!
    Was wondering if I could get in contact with the guy who installed your system ?
    I’m in lead Hill Arkansas.

  11. I got the opposite issue. I have a ProSolar 8.66KWh solar system tied to the grid, PNM Electric requires it! But I was told that my setup would keep the power on in my home during a power outage… as long as the panels were producing power. NOT! What am I missing??
    My home uses 1.4KWh so I need to find out ‘how’ to fix my system to charge batteries and keep the lights on! And my batteries are EcoFlow Delta 2 2000KWh Lith/Iron batteries that should run the home for overnight to be re-charged by day!

  12. Zack I’m not trying to be a jerk, why isn’t your water filters/pump etc. inside a mechanical room or shed to minimize environmental damage?

  13. Please don’t use the Generator charging on the Sp6548.. Try the EG4 100am 48v charger. Much much more efficient. Thanks me later

  14. I think i understood you to say that you plug the solar panels directly into the sungold inverter to charge your batteries. So you don’t need a charge controller with this set up?

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