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When Deer Invade Your Garden

There are a number of methods to help protect your garden from hungry deer. If you don’t protect your plants, they will destroy your hard work.

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  1. Suggestions for keeping rabbits out? We got zero peas this year. Lots of babies in the yard. They’re so cute and such jerks!

  2. lots of deer usually indicate too many hippies and not enough rednecks in your area. if you put up a free beer sign that should fix your problem

  3. Hey Zach, can I put my rabbit manure directly in my veggie beds or just in my compost bins? I have just been putting it in the compost bins. Thank you!

  4. Two strands of electric fence using step in posts one tape on top the other in the middle. Then another ring 3′ out. We use that system in gardens and food plots. Solar chargers work fine. Deer won’t jump over because it messes with their depth perception, and hogs get shocked.

  5. We’ve been using that exact fertilizer for a few years. It’s great. It was recommended to us to only use every couple of weeks. It could burn your healthy young plants. It’s worked for us.

  6. one of the best ways to keep deer out of your garden is a fence. I have a garden and put up a 4 ft fence, the deer jumped it. So I added to it and now it is 7 ft, they dont jump it anymore. Yes it is costly but it will last a long time and keeps them out. Also, I put smaller weave on the bottom to keep young rabbits out. Works great. Its a pain but if you want a garden, nobody said it would be easy.

  7. Have you tried planting marigolds all around the garden as well as in the garden. I did that when I was in NY. It worked well.

  8. What kind of tarp is that covering your rows? I’m about to fertilize my soil when I get the test results back next week, but I don’t want to use black plastic if I don’t have to

  9. Zach, I know you will figure out what it is best, but it seems to me if you can afford it, it may be time to do some extreme fencing to control the deer, especially if you know that is your forever homestead.

  10. Zac a double fence about 6 ft apart around your garden supposedly deter deer because they have poor depth preception and can not determine how far away it is. A family up north use this abd have never had deer in the Garden.

  11. Possums are good. They eat grubs, mice, voles, etc. Do not kill them. Thats why they were probably in your garden digging holes.

  12. I don’t have much problem anymore from deer – rabbits, hawks, possums, raccoons, coyotes…lots of those. We use electric poultry fencing for our hens when we aren’t around to keep an eye on things. Our garden is fenced – my son just extended that fencing to include a new berry bush section. That fencing is buried under the ground so if rabbits try to dig they aren’t successful. So far, that fence has worked well the last 3 years to keep critters out – at least if the grandkids remember to close the gates after enjoying the strawberry patch. We have dogs too so perhaps their scent is enough to keep the critters at bay. I’ve used fish emulsion for decades – stinky stuff but oh so effective. I also use Micorrhizal fungi in my homemade potting soil mix here on the homestead for my garden starts. We start in late Feb. early March in a small greenhouse and the fish emulsion and micorrhizal fungi make a huge difference in growth, resistance to pest and disease etc. I keep and grind the eggshels from our hens – perfect solution for blossom end rot on our tomatoes and it also benefits other plants. This year, I’ve added a worm farm so will be using the castings this fall in our fall garden. Moved to the homestead from a big city in FL – nothing can compare to the quiet, the fresh air….I hate to even travel to the nearest big city for a day and leave our place. I truly think this agrarian life is what we were designed to live by our Father.

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