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  1. You speak the truth sir. I had an acre at the last place and it was perfect for us!

    We now have almost 8 AC and are doing the exact same things in the same space. The rest is only growing grass for beef/a horse and loads of clover for the bees.

    The chickens do of course venture out into the pasture now as well.

  2. I live in NorthEast Arkansas and want to move to North Central or Northwest Arkansas!My best friend’s name was Landon, so I always think of growing up with him and wanting to build our own self-sustainable property. For that reason, I want so badly to purchase an undeveloped oracre or two or something with a small cabin from your son, Landon!

  3. A quarter acre lot is roughly a 350 foot perimeter. At a 15 foot spacing, that’s 20 fruit trees along the property line. A second row 15 feet inside the other is another 15 trees. Brambles like raspberries or hazelnut between. If your HOA is stupid, rabbit or quail tractors between ranks of trees. Still leaves enough back yard for “normal” activities. $400 in Home Depot fruit trees will go a long way

  4. Not anymore. Your pantry life is your gem. The climate and environmental effects are taking toll. Mother nature is fed up too

  5. I’m sending this to my sister, so you can tell her not to get horses! She wants to sell half our cows for a couple horses. What a waste.

  6. Sorry , tell Amish about horses, lol, 1 acre homestead u can do some but u will have to have outside income, with more acres u can become more self sufficient, Amish claim they need 40 plowable acre to make a a living ,

  7. I am on 3/4 of an acre and I still have lots of room to expand. I have 16 chickens, a huge coop, 27 foot by 20-foot garden. 20-foot by 20-foot raised bed garden, just planted 6 fruit trees, I have 18 black plastic half barrels that are full of celery, potatoes, sweet potatoes, zucchini, and onions. I am constantly making more planters to plant in. My rule is if it is edible or smells good I will plant it. I will be moving to a larger property once I am done remodeling this one, I only have 1 real close neighbor, but that’s 1 too many!!!! I also have 2 cherry trees, a 5-way plum and 2 apricot trees, 2 huge blueberries, and all of the containers. I also have a sunroom that I grow in year-round.

  8. I’m closing on a 1 acre property in a month. It’s got a smaller mobile home, a shed that I’ll turn into a coop, a good layout, and 100% solar. It’s in a rural community with very few restrictions. I may want more land one day, but for now, I think it will be a much easier learning curve.

  9. We signed Monday for a property out of town finally! Only 1.7 acres but it has taken us 30 years to find property and afford it. Nervous to make this move in our late 50’s and early 60’s but we are pulling the trigger. Pray for us as we attempt to make our homestead dreams a reality and sell the house in town. Thanks for all the info and encouragement American Homestead! Yiu made me feel a lot better as I’ve been so disappointed in the size of 1.7 acres

  10. We are on 1/4 acre in a village and looking to move to 5 acres outside the village. We recently had someone down the street complain about our chickens and say we had roosters (not true). We were told to get signatures from our neighbors saying they don’t mind our (5!) hens. I got the signatures – our neighbors don’t mind or even notice them. Then I requested the law and it turns out that I didn’t need to do this. So silly. Regardless, we are moving. We would like a few goats and maybe a milk cow.

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