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Off Grid Laundry in the Winter – An American Homestead

Laundry is just something that has to be done almost everyday. Jaimie moves this chore inside during the winter. Many of you have asked how we do our laundry in the cold months. Well, here you go!

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  1. Awesome idea!! We are in our 50’s & in the process right now of selling off things in order to sell our house to one of our daughters. We will only have $5000 to start but are trusting YHWH to open doors to 2-3 acres of land (here in south west Kentucky) then build our own tiny house or earthbag house (off grid) on it for us plus 2 grandsons we are raising. We have never done anything like this but have felt strongly led to do this for 2 years now. Your videos are such an encouragement & we have learned so much from them as well as New2Torah videos! Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU & hope to someday meet you & Zac maybe for Sukkot?

  2. Oh that’s fantastic. I think I’ll be hunting for an old crib now. How do you manage your sheets and blankets in the winter? My space is quite small and I seem to have to alot a day just for sheets to dry by the stove.

  3. I had to wash my clothes in a five-gallon bucket. Worked fine in the summer, but those days below freezing left my hands screaming WARMTH!!!!!

  4. Winter months you CAN actually still leave the clothing out to “freeze dry”. Just be careful when you take them off the line & bring them in. The extreme cold will remove the moisture to the point when you do bring them in to finish drying, the moisture level will be low enough you can hang them on hangers next to your stove w basically no dripping! Growing up in the 60-70s I helped my grandmother, mom & aunts do this in Colorado.

  5. We hang laundry on a metal wire bakers’ rack, and run the fan on it on “high” speed. Works great!

  6. I like these ideas. I want to set up a line in the bath tub in our spare bathroom.

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