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How I’m Watering My Plants During This Drought

This weather has been very dry and we are now entering into the dog days of summer. How should you water your plants?

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  1. Last year i turned my large pond into a half acre lake. The new part is 20 feet deep and is 15 feet from my garden. My garden is under roof and gets only the water that I feed it. I put it under roof because of geoengineering

  2. It takes me hours to water everything thoroughly by hand, so if it’s super dry like this I use a sprinkler at night and move it through the sections of my main garden. Thoroughly soaking each area for hours and hours. Then my mulch will hold it in for a long time and I don’t have to water for quite a while unless I have seedlings. I just use my well water. I never really thought about running it dry, hopefully it will be fine, it’s artisan.

  3. What kind of mulch is best for the traditional garden?? And What about mulch for a raised bed?? Thanks!!

  4. Timely video as I’m a beginner; just planted (late, but had to start experiencing it) seeds of peppers, pumpkins, tomatoes, eggplants, and squash and as they’re sprouting Ive been wondering how much water each variety really needs. As always, you make such good points. In this video, the fact that irrigation system(s) may keep you too “far removed”, instead of hands on caring for your garden. Sure thing, it also reminded me that “the frog dies in boiling water” and one should not be far removed from what they’ve really care for.
    Lastly, great and looking forward to the core (physical and cyber) security webinar too!

  5. We finally got a big rain here in the Florida of Iowa. It was getting edgy. Fortunately not alot of hail and wind like they got east of us in IL and IN. We use soaker hose to water, and mulch to keep the moisture in.

  6. Hi, it s very dry here during the summer, too. I have not had a chance yet to set up rainwater en masse and a drip system, but I will. Right now Im using a 4 gallon pump sprayer and give each plant about 6 ounces ( a short squirt) early morning and just before dark. Its keeping them from dying. I got sawdust at a mill and have about an inch or two on the beds. That makes a huge difference. This is a no till system. Pull back the mulch when you need to transplant or direct seed. Hopefully I will have a harvest. Its a brutal time for gardening.

  7. lol ill throw this at u it takes at least 75 gallons on pumkins to get a really big one zacK 🙂 what u think 🙂

  8. Ive got a couple hours before the cherry tomatoes are out of the sun, but i just out two jugs out there to drip water in the soil. I dont top water those, base only. They are about 8 feet now. Ill move them in a bit.. i think there are 6 in the Cow panel garden. We have pecan shade over the big garden til about 11 so morning work is paramount. Lol. I walked through after cleaning house and honestly. Screw the house time is here. We gotta do this because we work too. Rant over. Haha❤

  9. I really like my drip irrigation system. The way our soil is, if you hand water, it can’t take up the water fast enough and it will not soak down in well. With the drip, it allows each drop to soak in really well. I found that hand watering wasted LOTS of water for us just because it would run off. This is only our second year using it, but I can’t see changing it. The only downside that I have experienced is rodents chewing on the drip tape.
    Rainwater is AMAZING to wash your hair in! Unfortunately, in the high mountain desert, we just don’t get hardly any rain.

  10. Sadly I went thru all my rain water, and had to resort to city water to water the garden. Trust me, the garden hated the city water

  11. On our Rocky Mtn Homestead I do 15 mil drip tape and have been using it for years…I absolutely love it and wouldn’t do anything else…If I hand watered everything I would not have time to process all of my veggies…BTW – I am a 61 year old woman and did all of the installation myself…It is very simple to install…

  12. I found an Army logistics study that said in Arid or Tropical environments, 7 gallons per person per day for drinking, hygeine and maintenance. Another 7 gallons for every 200 pounds of animals. Another 7 for a 50 foot garden row. Times 30. I need more catchment.

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