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Re-Starting A Garden From Scratch – Viewer Question

There are many ways to do this but you don’t have to till if you don’t want to. The key is layers and then a weed barrier preferably.

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  1. i would till then let it rain or water it then i would put down a silage tarp for 6-8 weeks this year then the next year lay down your woven weed fabric
    i don’t know what soil type you have or if you need to put hay down big down to that is more weed seeds just going from my experience most manure other than rabbit and horses are full of weed seed also
    i have roughfuly a 5 acre garden the best i have saw is a green house grown i hydroponically no weed but you are using a commercial fertilizer and you can grow anything the best video i have found are mph gardener on you tube hope this helps some one
    just like you said to do it all natural keeping weeds out then processing is a full time job and not a good way to make money but you know what your eating and where it comes from my opinion only

  2. Hi if you use hay as a mulch be sure it hasn’t Ben sprayed with round up or graze un or 24-d grazeun will pass through a cows intestinal system and give you problem for 3 years.

  3. We have had to livestock guardian dogs for 5 years now, no raccoons, deer, or other four-legged creatures in the garden since we have had them. The best investment I ever made. They even kill moles.

  4. Growing comfrey is a good soil builder. Just another way to make your soil better faster.

  5. Worms like coffee. Tomatoes hate coffee! A mistake I made a few years ago. Don’t give tomatoes coffee grounds.

  6. Just found my first year garden video lol – I was looking for over on your other video Garden Challenges

  7. Few tidbits, A you cant just add stuff, you need roots in that stuff. Got places with feet thick of chips, didnt change the hard clay underneath until we had pumpkins growing. If you dont add something with deeper roots youll have a layer of hard clay and one of nice dirt. The roots in the pumpkins broke up the clay and we got beautiful soil. Where we just laid down wood chips, nice till you hit clay.

    Coffe grounds filters can go in your walkway as a weed barrier.

    If you got a decent slope, trellis or kiss all that organic matter goodbye.

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