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Obama/Biden Tries Again To DEPORT Romeike Family

The Romeike family after 10 years is threatened with deportation again. The government thinks no

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  1. The german school system does not impose a worldview. They are free to teach their kids what ever they want AFTER the kids come home from school

  2. But she’s married to an American. Many people get fasly married just for their papers. They are actually married! This is crazy!!!

  3. Why does Obama and Biden want to deport this family there has to be a
    reason not just because they want to homeschool there children

  4. Taught in german schools to ask the devil for help??? This is what the Romeike Family tells about the german school system (“ROMEIKE DENIED”, 2013, youtube channel CBS – The Christian Broadcasting Network). Simply not true this would be part of the teaching plans of german schools! I am German, never heard that in school. My father, a true christian and teacher in a german stateschool never taught it. There is the right in the German constitution to build schools according to religious confessions. Here an example of 208 christian schools who of course have not the opposit of the bibles content in their schoolbooks:
    Verband Evangelischer Bekenntnisschulen und Kitas. Are all these 208 christian schools too bad for the Romeike Family?

    What a shame to push images like the nice family in peace and happyness, threatened and herrassed by the german police because the familiy thinks they follow the ways of God. To open the eyes God has given to them and to return to integrity might be a good idea. That is what Jesus tought us. I am very embarassed about this family. Such families are a reason why many friends of mine say they think beeing a christian forces to become narrow minded and full of lies. As they want to be and open minded and honest beeing a christian as shown by this family is no choice anymore.

    Again: A God idea of God to send them back to Germany. Maybe this will encourage them to ask for forgiveness from the people and institutions that the Romeike family has slandered and shamed with their statements and attitudes.

    The question is simply: will the Romeikes use the chance God has offered them? Will the family accept this call to repentance and conversion?

  5. Wait! Immigration Law is Only Supposed to Deport Brown People!

    “We wanted to help them to grow up in what they believed in, and what we believe in and not get basically indoctrinated with something we don’t want.”

    Translation: Our indoctrination was being undone by them being exposed to the real world.

  6. It doesn’t matter who you are. The rules are in place for a reason. Homeschooling is against German law, and these people decided against obeying the laws.

  7. Yes, Obama is still president. Your homeschooling curriculum must be fascinating. BTW, how do you feel about DACA?

  8. “Obama & Biden” are not the ones trying to deport this family. It’s the crazy laws we have that have been in place. Good grief

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