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REAL Reason Banks Are SHUTTING Down Gold And Silver Dealers

Its actually happening. They are starting to slowly limit direct monetary competition.


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  1. Ignorant question: has current mining abilities (fuel based machinery and travel) caused a decrease in the value of precious metals like it has food and clothing? Obviously if I hand spin wool and hand knit something I will have more labor costs than something produced faster with the same base material.

  2. Yet, China is sending hundreds of thousands of fake silver coins in the us. Look on their now famous Am@zon alternative that starts with a T and ends with a u.
    Some are labeled as “silver” some are not. Unbelievable.
    Be careful where you buy your coins from

  3. Stay poor in funds but rich in barter…
    You have to much money? Buy a Kabota tractor with all attachments…
    Believe me.. it will go up in price…or you can dbl. your money from side work.

  4. In July 2023, JP Morgan Chase Bank canceled the bank accounts of Dr. Joseph Mercola’s business, the CEO, the CFO, and some of their relatives. No reason was given. The oldest account closed had been established for 18 years and in good standing.

  5. We’re all still thinking in the way “the matrix” expects us to. We keep trying to find ways around the tyranny of that system using the rules of that system. If we want anything to change we have got to change the system itself. Generationally we’ve been conditioned to believe a hero is going to save the day. Look to books, to movies, to every kind of entertainment media. We’re all still waiting around for someone else to save the day – to do the hard work – to be our hero. All of this ends when WE (you and I) want it to end. You and I just have to want it enough. Perhaps we’re just a little to comfortable in our “matrix” to actually change it.

  6. Well just to add some different light on this subject. Most other business ie: Walmart, Circle K, Lowe’s, Home Depot & etc… do not deal with banks anymore. They have Armor truck deliveries on a daily bases. All these business have in house drop safes for their daily transactions. If you see a ATM anywhere they are serviced by Armored truck personal even at the banks. So these coin shops have to get with the times and install their own drop safes and schedule for daily trips from an Armor truck company. I’m sorry but that is how cash business is done today.

  7. Jeff son of the time brother. How old will you get to a man will work all day for one loaf of bread or three loaves of barley bread

  8. Most of these banks need no reason at all to close an account,it’s written in disclosures when you open/sign for the account

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