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Congress Has LOST All POWER – ATF – CDC – FDA – SEC The New Rulers!

Elected representatives are basically powerless at this point. Rules when broken that can send you

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  1. SIGN UP for the Freedom Conference!

    See the Genesis Gold Group Website or Call Direct (800) 200-4653

  2. Zachery, if you want you can loan me the rifle and I will use it this fall for hunting. Of course I will give you a deposit just in case I dont return it. So by definition, you would not be selling me the rifle only loaning it. Its a new rule.

  3. Sooner or later we the people will stand up and stop the tyrants and again have to throw them out of Washington and restore the rule of we the people.

  4. Rules will be enforced to financially break anyone in opposition. If ya buck, you will lose all you have cause they will take it and then you can’t afford the legal process to fight it. The Lord warned us about days like this, put your armor on.

  5. The law makers gave up their power back in the 30’s. Do for yourself and whomever you love now. Things will only get worse. Be your own central bank. #AG #AU

  6. “Pursuant to congressionally delegated authority, agencies promulgate legislative rules that carry the force and effect of law.” Kinda sounds like we’re screwed ! I don’t know, I’m just a stupid hillbilly !

  7. They’re slipping these “rules” in because they know that it’s illegal. They also want to see if there’s any “push back” or if people will go along to get left alone. Most people don’t even know these “RULES” are being passed. Who reads or buys a newspaper any more? Is it on the evening news? Nope. So when do people even find out this is being done? Only when exposed by the average citizen. The WEF is circumventing Congress. Plus, Congress has “plausible deniability”. But I’m sure Congress knows what’s going on. They just look the other way. Look at the Declaration of North America. Biden did that and it didn’t go through Congress. It combined North and South America. That’s why the borders are open in addition to allowing enemies access.

  8. What’s the difference? Americans don’t have the balls to stand up to the government like the second amendment gives them the right to. So if the American people won’t do anything. What’s the point of bitching?

  9. You have to sue these tyrants!
    And you will WIN bc its unconstitutional.
    Unfortunately, without a lawsuit, we are dead in the water

  10. Congress lost all authority in December of 1860 when they walked out “sine die”. They have never formally reconvened. The republic was then in a state of suspension and as a force in law congress hasn’t existed since. They are simply trusties of a national bankruptcy.

  11. I don’t think that rule has been put in place yet. I wondered since they seem to want to keep records on everybody. If we should have a national swap meet. Other than that, I guess you’re gonna have to keep her fed from your farm.

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