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New York City Is LITERALLY Crumbling APART – WATCH!

This guy on twitter was showing all the places where the streets are literally caving in around New

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  1. CBDs are just another way to absolutely control every area of your life. I understand what you are saying but at this point I don’t think there is an answer at all.

  2. I truly think we are on the doorstep of the tribulation with the groundwork of the beast system being put into place. I believe in a pre trib rapture but if my timing is off I know His isn’t! May the Lord have mercy on us all. Love to all my brothers and sisters in Christ.

  3. Conway Arkansas Mary Jane farm fields are paying up to $30.00 per hour to employees probably for security for highest pay…

  4. I share your videos almost daily but Facebook are removing the thumbnail from them now. Won’t be long before they prevent me from sharing them at all.

  5. Shalom Zach,
    What was the bean that you said was easiest to grow?
    Baruch HaShem!
    Be well and be Blessed,
    A fellow sojourner

  6. As one who grew up in upstate N.Y I’m witnessing the falling apart of N. Y. In Albany streets and infrastructure I falling apart also. And STUPID people continue to vote the same way for generations “democrats ” High Taxes and government regulations have run businesses out for years . A man I met one time Tom Golasano who started the paychecks company became a billionaire moved his business out of N.Y. to Florida took all his wealth with him .Someone said government is not the answer to our problems, Government is the problem ! Government is like a fire that wants to consume and destroy. Government is destroying America. Destroy America,vote for democrats you will get what you vote for . The democrat party is America’s Enemy Within !

  7. Im subscribed to your channel and do not get notices of your newly posted videos any more. And its this way for a few others too

  8. The CBDC will be the elimination of cash and will bring in total control of your finances. Its a bad bad thing

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