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When The WEF and CHINA Align – What Is The EVENT?

I’m convinced for now that the US is Mystery Babylon and that the goal will be to remove us from the influence of the world stage because still a majority of our populace will not fall into line. We shall see.

THE EVENT https://modernity.news/2024/01/10/google-prepares-for-the-event/

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  1. Majority of people that live in rural areas live no different than people in the city they just live in a rural area thats the only difference.

  2. Silly rabbit…all you need for a resurrection is fancy dress and tours of the capital. Pew pews not needed obviously.

  3. Sorry Zach but your wrong concerning the identity of “mystery Babylon”. It’s the RCC and all it’s sabbath violating offspring. Soon the “King of the North” (twistianity) will need to attack the “King of the South” (Islam). This will trigger Armageddon at the end of the tribulation which will start once the 2 horned beast of Rev13 has been reveled, …which could happen…soon.

  4. What’s ironic is our country has & had the use of resources/manufacturing to be self sufficient yet we have been coerced/forced by our guberments bureaucratic regulations into financially supporting other country’s economies ahead of our own.

  5. The Bible actually says WHO the Harlot is. Only one city throughout history fits the description. It’s the city our Lord was crucified. C’mon guys. We just have to accept what the Bible says. Follow the mystery of THE GREAT CITY. Check this out:

    The GREAT CITY was split into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell, and God remembered Babylon the great, to make her drain the cup of the wine of the fury of his wrath. Rev 16:19

    And the woman that you saw is THE GREAT CITY that has dominion over the kings of the earth. Rev 17:18

    And when they have finished their testimony, the beast that rises from the bottomless pit will make war on them and conquer them and kill them, and their dead bodies will lie in the street of the GREAT CITY that symbolically is called Sodom (see Jeremiah 23:14) and Egypt, where their Lord was CRUCIFIED.
    Rev 11: 7, 8

    When Israel goes down, part of the US will go down. US congress is controlled by the Jewish lobby. The most corrupt organization in the world.

  6. Just my opinion*
    China is going ro be the hammer for WEF..the spy balloon,Chinese police stations in American soil(NY),calling in our debt to them,we pander to them(recent visit from China-clearing out the homeless),our gov loves their Social Credit model(which IS WEF)…then..Islam is lying in wait..letting China do the clearing..after the hammer comes the sword. As to the election,if there is one for theatrics sake,Gavin Newsom is the next selected..why would a world leader go to CA and take pics with Gavin instead of DC? And,Gavin is Pelosi’s nephew..she went too quietly..she’s grooming him right now and he will happily step to the agenda..

  7. Wouldn’t a major industrial city in China like Shenzhen make more sense as Mystery Babylon? The Bible does say it is a city, and since most of the world’s goods are produced in China (especially electronics), that would really give merchants something to cry about…plus it is a bastion of communism and the dragon has been their unofficial mascot for a very long time.

  8. I believe the U.S is the not so much of a ‘mystery’ New Babylon. I have a feeling if there’s nuclear war America will be destroyed. Plus the ‘shadow folks’ who want to bring down America, know about all the firearm ownership, so a few morbid mushroom clouds might be in the planning. Not enough people care about the real world around them (especially in this decadent country), like the days of Noah. Your thumbnail for this video caught my eye.

  9. I absolutely agree the USA is Babylon the great. When I saw merchant ships piled off the coast of America I thought of Babylon. Hence why the supply chain issues still exist.
    I believe digital currency and ID happens after we lose reserve currency status that destroys the dollar causing Americans to not be able to afford food and shelter, which makes us desperate to accept the programmable currency. This might happen before Passover, or before next election, to separate the rebels from the NWO lemmings that will bow to anything. Then comes World War 3 to destroy America and the Middle East, after people have chosen what god they serve.

  10. I’ve believed this nation (America) is mystery babylon for some time now. We are destined to fall. Prepare for it. Shalom

  11. The event may very well be an inside attack on this country.
    Men of fighting age have been being brought in for years now.

    Think about Zac.
    If each one group starts to attack in their own area,
    None of you YouTube people will be able to speak and warn others.

  12. Sadly this was always in the works, don’t tell me that there was no shenanigans in the last elections…They had to, because 45 was not one of their team players and was not going to play these globalist games!

  13. Go Mr D J Trump…but in it all Father bring Your Truth, Your control over what is happening around the world at the moment…shalom shalom

  14. Our food is poison. Never canned in my life. Getting a perfect pikler to make sauerkraut. Zac, for those of us who can’t homestead how about solar panels to run just a freezer and fridge.

  15. YouTube hates this video! Of all the videos open on my browser, this is the only one that I can barely get to load! Coincidence, I think NOT!

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