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School Field Trip – Crater Of Diamonds!

We sought out our fame and fortune and only ended up with worthless rocks and sore bodies. But we did have fun and enjoyed our experience!



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Comment (19)

  1. Glad you came to Murfreesboro could loan you some tools, I make money digging, most people don’t know what diamonds look, dig too bed rock it not hard, come after a big rain

  2. I went to a small mountain school. Some of the most fun times we had as a school was when my Father substitute taught us. (He had a civil engineering degree but NOT a teaching certificate. ) If our Teacher, Mrs. Apley was going to be gone and she needed a sub in a hurry, My Father was her go to. We learned a lot and had a blast!!

  3. Mt ida . Twin creeks crystal mine . 25 dollars a day. Keep everything you find. Bring buckets! They dig new dirt everyday.

  4. We went about a month ago and visited Hot Springs, stayed in Mount Ida area, and went to Crater of Diamonds in Murfreesboro. There is a fee to get in and then you go downstairs and rent equipment for digging etc. The deposit is pretty hefty, but they refund a portion of it when you return the equipment. I believe you can bring your own equipment, so that might be worth doing instead of renting. People were really serious about finding diamonds the day we went also, and they came with all their gear etc. No one found anything while we were there as everyone kept asking each other if they found anything. If you go in with the expectation of just going for the experience, then you won’t be disappointed. I had to prep my youngest son to not be disappointed, but just enjoy the day and family time. The place we stayed near Mount Ida had incredible, huge crystal rocks in the ground. We had fun trying to identify the different crystals that were all around us. Nice area to visit and the weather was beautiful.

  5. When I lived in Alaska we went panning for gold a bunch of times and we did fine several nuggets. It’s funny I never have put them in a ring or necklace. I keep saying I’ll do it but It’s also fun just to show them off in the little bottle. lol

  6. Canada is the world’s third largest producer of diamonds in 2022 according to GlobalData. Who knew? Yellowknife is called the Diamond Capital of North America. A 552 carat yellow diamond, the largest ever found in North America, was recovered at the Diavik diamond mine, Northwest Territories, Canada. Wow Wee!

  7. People think that diamonds look just like what has already been cut and polished. They don’t…they look like rocks. There is no telling how many people are looking right at one and don’t even know it.

  8. When I was 18 I visited my dad in Little Rock. We spent a day at the diamond fields. The most valuable thing I got from the experience was the time I spent with my dad and the priceless memories. He passed away the Friday before Father’s Day 2021.

  9. Lol, been twice, my daughter and I came away with nothing. Do crystals in Hot Springs, you’ll go home with a few rocks!!! She (we) loved camping & rock hunting!!

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