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The Baker Creek Video I’ll Be Uploading To RUMBLE!

Youtube likes to take down my videos critical of Baker Creek. So, I’ll be uploading this video to my Rumble account as well. Baker Creek basically got caught in a lie and tried to play off the fact that they featured a GMO tomato on the cover of their seed catalog as a complete and total ACCIDENT.



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Comment (19)

  1. Simple facts they went woke as hell
    We do not support then at all anymore they are not for God nor Country wolf in sheep’s clothing
    Stay vigilant

  2. Ashamedly I ordered from them this year. Bought the catalogue too. I’d say it’ll be a collectors item but I don’t think this age has that much time left. Either way, that’s my last order from Baker Creek. Thanks for covering this.

  3. I didn’t know about Baker Creek. I have their catalog sitting on my desk, going to go shred it now 🙂

  4. I’ve got no problem with GMO as long as the genetic inputs are made clear. Like, I’m fine with two safe plants (tomato and snapdragon) for inputs. But if it was tomato and Poodle somehow spliced together, I’m not touching it. Just declare what the combinations are. I don’t even care about “organic”. Organic might have been honorable at the beginning of the movement, but nowadays, it just seems like a paper drill and a revenue stream for the certifiers. Now to be clear, I don’t shun “organic”, but I don’t require it either. All I really care is: is it toxic or does it include a known poison? And that does not include those dumb, bull-mess, CA warning labels that says everything causes cancer.

  5. Absolutely agree! I’m sick of this bull. i have gone to these seed companies. One was Becks seed. This is just ridiculous!

  6. I remember the green and purple catsup. I thought that was so cool until it stained my plates!

  7. I think when the leftists tried to cancel Baker Creek for “supporting white supremacy” a few years ago, Baker Creeks administrators swung as hard left as they could, thinking that they were losing their customer base. Not realizing their base had become the homesteading conservative libertarian right.

    They have been trending towards looks over function/ production for a while. Honestly I could care less of the fruit is mud brown as long as it’s healthy and produces well, if it tastes good that’s a major bonus.

  8. I’m new to this information! Thanks Zach, for keeping us all informed. No more Baker’s Creek for me! I have tickets to both the Tulip Festival and the Spring planting festival. They just went in the trash! Not only did the GMO seeds do it for me, but forcing people to get poked was terrible!

  9. When you talked about them making their employees get the arm candy I brought it up to them and they went on the attack!! I even brought up the letter. Never bought from them and never will!!

  10. Wow, I just made an order from them today! I’m so disappointed. They are off my buying chart from now on. Any one know another company that can be trusted to sell heirloom varieties?

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