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Guess WHAT You’re Having For Dinner In 2030?

City leaders who represent over 20% of the worlds population have already agreed to what you will be having for dinner in 2030…UNLESS YOU STOP IT!



Vegetable Fermentation At Home!

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  1. The Word of God, His promises are our weapon. The war is not carnal, but spiritual. :You cannot stand, and stand firm unless you use the Word of God as your weapon. Get to know the Lord and He will direct your actions. His promises have never failed. This was a great video!

  2. Acheta is literally cricket flour!!! Look for it on products. Read ingredients. I’ve actually confronted the 2 grocery stores where I shop. They said they don’t have products with that. One guy said, but we probably will. I told him, I’m your customer; this is a subject put out by the UN, WHO, and WEF. I won’t eat it!!! I want real meat and real vegetables!!!

  3. I wont buy the bioengineered foods or my ither favorites… the ones that say theyre known to contain known carcinogens in the state of California. I may live in ny but carcinogens are carcinogens and they do not belong in FOOD!! I wont even buy premixed seasonings, like chili mix, because the last time I did it came with large pill shaped white clumps. They also add in things you dont need, like gluten, which i can’t have…. but also the white clump cut like a pill and looked like one so i wont chance it. Mix my own now in mason jars.

  4. Our local raw milk dairy just went to $15 a gallon. It’s out of reach of our budget now. We just aren’t drinking milk at this point.

  5. I am praying for you and your family. I ordered my hard copies from your suggested family! Thank you!

  6. I’m in Canada. The free province of Alberta. Texas of the north. Our premier is a very smart woman with alot of sand. She’s conservative and is fighting Trudeau and his WEF masters tooth and nail. But she can only do so much. So the WEF will eventually over run the trenches here. My wife and her mother don’t believe in any of this. Stupidly blind and refuse to listen. The mother inlaw is particularly stupid. Laughs at me and says bullshit whenever I say the letters WEF. But the wife and I are going our separate ways now so I’m free to move far into the back country away from the cities. I’m going to start from scratch in the wilderness. The adventure begins but I will still try catching every show you do.

  7. It’s funny that the fat cats claim to be concerned about the environment, yet most of their companies are the ones causing the greatest harm to people and the environment and they don’t bad-mouth such companies. If only dead presidents didn’t speak so loudly….

  8. I got my copies printed through the link you gave and they look awesome The pictures of the plants are in color, very good quality. I upgraded the shipping on mine and the total price was. $66. 00 and received them within a week

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