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My Electrician Says WE May Not Have To WORRY

Let’s talk about why off grid homesteaders may not have to worry about an EMP or CME event. I’m interested in your thoughts.



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  1. As you stated, no one can know for sure.Because direct tests at those levels with these components have never been done. That said, some testing has been done on smaller scales as well as the knowledge we garnered from starfish prime.
    Another nuclear task with their subsequent e.M.P s. I don’t know about everyone else, but I certainly think about these things.So it’s nice to hear someone speaking about it.

  2. A large m p would probably cause the equivalent of a zombie apocalypse. Cities are tied to grids when everything shut down including gas pumps and grocery stores.You know very well how the people will react. Those hoards will fan out looking for things.

  3. Thats the biggest thing with EMPs… nobody actually knows. Everything is speculative as far as protection or the damage theyll cause

  4. Great video Zack. This topic has been on my mind for a while. We are currently building a new home on 500 acres in MO. I am currently building out a faraday cage room in our basement (because i got tired of wrapping everything up in faraday cages and then needing to use them.) The room is 7 X 13. I started painting the 4 walls and ceiling with YShield paint but I wasn’t happy with the paint. ( I was able to make and recieve phone calls-NOT GOOD) so I hung sheet metal on the walls and ceiling. I have a metal door however the door frame is wood so I wrapped it with a special metal fabric to cover the wood. On the floor I have copper material (it’s flexible) walls and floor are then covered with large pieces of cardboard so my items I am wanting to protect arent touching the metal walls. I am almost finished with it and plan to add all the things I want to protect. I will see if I can post photos here.

  5. I’ve often wondered whether a grounded metal roof would be enough to shield the home from things like that.

  6. What about the greater exodus?? We may need these things for awhile, but might be better prepared if we are ready to move…?!

  7. Revelation 16:8
    And the fourth Angel poured out his vial upon the sun:and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire.
    And men were scorched with great heat,and blasphemed the name if God…….

  8. I have been considering going to the local farm store and buy some graphite used for lubricating seed, mix it with some paint, then pain my bedroom to assist in blocking of RF radiation. I’m not sure if it is possible to ground out the paint, but the graphite should create a barrier for much of the ambient RF radiation from cell towers and the radiation from household wiring. Definitely not as good as creating a grounded Faraday cage, but the paint can be painted over so the room doesn’t have black walls.

  9. Generally speaking CME & EMP’s travel along long-wires, thus the Carrington Event was susceptible due to the long telegraph wires strung across the country. however, since both CME’s and EMP’s are effectively bursts of energy spreading like a drop of oil on water surfaces some affects, though less powerful than long-wire transmission, would have some effect. Therefore, grounding a metal roof would not alleviate all damage to sensitive items. In addition, modern electronics make vehicles very sensitive to CME’s & EMP’s by the very nature of the electronic circuitry. That is why cars from mid-1980’s and back will be largely unaffected, they had distributors and rotors not circuits and black boxes.

    BTW, the effectiveness of a Faraday Cage is it is completely enclosed from stray energy bursts, so this is why a sealed trash can can be effective in channeling unwanted energy to the ground. The draw back to a sealed trash can is you must have your electronics within at all times based on the uncertainly of occurrence of CME’s & EMP’s. Plus even if you had a laptop safe within the Can when the event took place and you retrieved the item it would be virtually useless as the electric grid and the Internet would be down possibly for a long , long time. It virtually would be the equivalent of an old Remington Electric Typewriter good for little more than writing documents.

    Getting back to the movie, turning off the engine would have no effect as the vehicles are not EMP & CME shielded and grounded.

    As to little research having been done in regard to these CME & EMP events, worldwide since the 1950’s there have been 600 or so intentional nuclear detonations to actually study what the affects would be in all phases. Clearly the powers that be know the effects but don’t broadcast it.

    For my money, I would fall back on the prepper’s admonition: “two is one; one is none” by keeping a spare electronic safe and sealed in a Faraday Can as a belt and suspenders backup. BTW, since radio waves will still be possible I would emphasize putting radios and HAM radios in the Faraday Can. This way communications will be possible after an event.

    FYI, over the past 8 weeks or so there have been many, many solar flares, CME and filaments occurring which have had some minor effects of radiation for pilots and frequent fliers, as well as, for minor radio communications. NASA has an excellent website detailing the sun, take a look!

  10. Siemens makes a device you connect to your electric panel to protect grid homes against emps

  11. Cars will stall but restart if they are outside the 300 mile epicenter of an emp.
    Source: Strategic Relocation by Joel Skousen

  12. Our adult son lives with us (Autistic) suggested to us a bug out plan. He watches your channel with us.
    I work from home but he and my husband work outside of the house . We started doing bug out drill recently and where to go in case we have to leave our area. Im super proud of him for wanting to be prepared. we live in a rural area so I don’t think we would be in the strike zone since we are 90 miles from a major city or even a midsized city.

  13. A EMP will disrupt some things but not everything. That’s even if it’s used. It’s really up to speculation, if the desired effect or outcome isn’t achievable then most likely it won’t be used, what’s the sense in that point.

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