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Off Grid Outdoor Kitchen Tour – SEE IT NOW!

The Off Grid Kitchen
The need for an outdoor kitchen became apparent during summer months and the south’s extreme heat. Hours and hours are spent canning the produce that will be the food for our family during the winter. Sorghum will be squeezed and and rendered into syrup for sugar in this kitchen.

Jaimie gives a tour of the homestead out door kitchen and shows you how we have been using it since its completion.


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  1. I’ve been looking at different outdoor kitchens as I am now dreaming of one! thanks for giving us a tour, like you, i live in the country and i’m wondering if you’ve had issues with other animals..not the chickens but raccoons, fox, coyotes etc wandering into the kitchen at night or if you are gone for a day. I believe i’ll need some walls since i tend to have so many things going on the counters, many ferments/ drying seeds/herbs/cooling canning jars/ other foods. so i’m thinking walls (on at least 3 sides)…can you give me some advice on any animal visitors or other hazards you can see? and what about rain or snow in the off season? do you have canvas walls or tarps you put up or just deal with it? thanks a bunch

  2. Wow! So much great things learned. I thought I had my summer kitchen all planned until watching this, Your dad did a great job on the cedar harvested there on the property. RIP dear angle Jaimie.

  3. OH WOW WOW WOW. I love your outside kitchen. It is heavenly. You are such a blessing to your family. You work so hard. I’m so glad I found your site. I was looking up home made cheese and found you. Thank you for sharing.

  4. That is a great kitchen how do you keep mice from messing with anything? With cats and traps we still get mice so they would mess up a lot for us? Your place is amazing and inspiring I wanna try to get to that level! Thanks for sharing

  5. 0:37 will the pot get black/fire damage if you shield the fire with metal as shown? I want to boil water for canning outside.

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