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OZARKS Homesteader EATS Quail Balut!

Millions of people on the other side of the planet love this food that is ALMOST impossible to find

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  1. People are so odd. Ha!
    I could use some prayer. Had to have a tital knee replacement yesterday. Painful but better than before sufery.
    Blessings, julie

  2. Of course if you were starving you’d eat it… It’s just that it’s a baby, is the main issue for me, I think. :/

  3. Your never gonna get me eating those partner lol. I’d raise the quail and sell the eggs but not gonna eat em. Nope lol.

  4. Totally disgusting! Just because there is a market for something does not justify being involved with it or profiting from it. With all that God has provided for us to eat ,is eating partially developed baby birds that we’ve boiled to death an honorable choice? Like I said… disgusting.

  5. Personally, I would just eat the eggs instead of investing time and effort into making balut to eat……HOWEVER, if it was between hungry and eating….I would eat balut.

  6. I set out a balut challenge one year ago. To me, it tastes like egg drop soup. You have to suck the juice out. Here is the links to my channel’s challenge.

  7. I have a steady balut customer that pays $.50 per egg for 12 day balut I just started another 240 in incubator and hatched about 150 quail in the last week, the balut sales will more than cover all expenses for my freezer food. I just subscribed but will go back to see your vids when I finish mowing tomorrow. stay safe and best wishes.

  8. If one takes the ‘Bird’, the Eggs will never hatch. You have the scripture wrong. You can take half the eggs, but never disturb the mother bird or take all her eggs.

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