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European Farmers UNDER FIRE! – Tractors WON’T Work!

Latest news is showing that the protesting farmers are now under fire and being pushed back in their protests. Sorry but Tractors WON’T Work! Plus I give you a great tip on growing fig trees!

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Comment (16)

  1. observe what the police do in Europe…they enforce their master’s will. the thin blue line here in America will do the same. why do we back the blue so hard?

  2. the prices of old tractors has been going way up for a while because the new ones are crazy expensive and can be controlled via software and are hard to repair.

  3. I come from a family of farmers and firearms, plus military in-between, and we believe in fighting for what is right! God Bless and have a great weekend everyone

  4. Amen this is so true and talk to a control freak will not work AT ALL! They need guns and lots of ammo this will cause them to rethink things. Love your fruit trees. Very good video

  5. The World Economic Forum is not yet entrenched in your LOCAL GOVERNMENTS… To keep them out of it you have to start getting active in your LOCAL ELECTIONS.
    Always vote in your LOCAL ELECTIONS, run for office yourself if you’re able to. DO NOT let someone else choose your Sheriff, Prosecutor, Judges,cCounty Supervisors, Town Council Members, Mayor, Planning/Land Use Commission Members, Water Board Members, School Board Members, and other LOCAL OFFICIALS for you.
    Collaborate with your family, friends, and, neighbors and VOTE IN for good freedom loving American Patriots into your local government.

  6. A wise person once said that it’s very hard to make somebody do what you want them to do when they have a gun in their hands…. America is the only slave Camp left on Earth that’s heavily armed

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