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Maybe We Should Start A Homestead – Learning Curve

New homesteaders all have the same issue. That being distant from the knowledge that used to be common among their ancestors. Relearning can be and WILL be painful.

Vegetable Fermentation At Home!

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  1. In 2018 I bought some land in the mountains. My first year I had to replace the well pipes. I put a garden in and lost everything. I planted raspberries and the bugs ate them. I planted two apple trees and the deer ate the apples. I planted grapes and a woodchuck ate the grapes. Its been fun but we are getting better. I since have built an 8ft fence to keep all the critters out. No more woodchucks, rabbits, deer. Still have bugs but we are working on them. Never give up, we keep going. peaceout

  2. I have chickens, WAHOO! Yup, I’m on a 1/5th acre which isn’t much but…. When we ask if we should move to a “homestead”… we get a “stay put”. We are where HE has planted us, for whatever reasons, and just keep growing fruit and veg and eggs. There is a plan.

  3. 10+ years in and a recent youtube homesteader summed it up perfectly – it’s easier to produce your own meat than it is to grow vegetables. We are still trying to figure out how to grow enough food to make a difference. Zone 5 – almost nothing venomous or very dangerous here except our politicians, cities, zoning laws and neighbors (and cold weather if you don’t know how to deal with it.)
    Moving with as much as we’ve put into our land and systems seems impossible, short of a miracle. So we continue to move forward with implementing more self-sufficiency and food. The biggest challenge of all – finding others of like-mind to work together.

  4. Hey Zack. I found some seemingly good deals on wood stoves, unfortunately at Lowe’s hardware I’d rather support local when possible. My place is not that big one stove is rated for 2000 square foot the other is 2500 . The 2000 should be more than enough but was wondering if it would be a big deal to maybe go a little overboard? Thanks

  5. Just used our last canned carrots from 3 years ago. I’ve had fresh & fermented but I always can one batch for an easy dish that needs canned carrots. Last 2 years I didn’t have enough carrots to can. Last year, bumper crop of potatoes, tomatoes etc. Peppers not so good. You can’t count on a great garden every year. Some crops fail. Store up extra in the great years. I alway grow extra winter squash, spaghetti squash & acorn squash, why? Easy to grow & store. Cool dark place & I’ll have food for a year in an emergency with little effort. Don’t like winter squash, spaghetti squash or acorn squash, you will if you’re hungry.

  6. Loved the meme! I have been gardening for many years. The only way I can get a crop of summer squash is to wait to plant the seeds until late June, or early July, as the vine borer cycle is over in Missouri by then. So here is a tip for anyone struggling with squash vine borer if you are in Missouri or probably Arkansas also.

  7. Homesteading is not for everyone. Its difficult but its rewarding. Its hard Work, but it pays off in the end.

    Many city folks want to bring the city with them to their homesteads and find out right away that its a different lifestyle. There are no shortcuts in homesteading.

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