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FINAL Plans To Get My Garden Ready For Spring

The winter time is for shoveling manure and building your garden soils for spring time planting. Are you taking advantage of the warmer winter days?


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  1. You must have missed Paul’s chickens and that his garden was not covered in wood chips but compost from the chicken pen. Same mistake most make. The wood chips are only under the trees

  2. Tip: Moles do not like daffodils, plant them around your fruit trees. The moles wont dig there, then the voles can’t use the tunnels to eat your tree roots. Nice “Spring is here” view as well

  3. Till, soil test, amend with simple/natural products… and do it until the only thing your garden needs is a top dressing of you compost.
    Cabbage seeds and a Perfect Pickler! I need both.

  4. Tilling, disking, plowing: copper equipment is ALOT BETTER for the soil. Want a real boost? Check out electroculture, first let seeds germinate overtop of the south side of a magnet, then, when planted in its permanent spot, take the magnet away and add a small copper wire folded into a fractal antenna next to the plant.


  5. I, too, am done with that certain Ozark seed company. Not only because of the vaccine issue, but also because there have been so many instances over the last few years where I have received the wrong seeds in a package. I’m in several gardening Facebook groups, and I’m definitely not the only one who has had this issue. It’s my hypothesis that they got too big for their britches when so many people started gardening in 2020, and they got lax on training their seed-growers on the art of seed collecting.
    I’m in Ohio, so this year I’m planning to try out Berlin Seeds. If they don’t have what I want, I’ll check out the company recommended in this video.
    I hope everyone has a great growing and preserving year!

  6. So ready for a garden but not coming soon . just got 8 inches of snow and forecast is for 12 inches of snow Sunday. I am trying to make a small green house for summer…as soon as snow goes Blessings to y’all

  7. Moved to my homestead 2 years ago. A homestead I’m creating from scratch. In the first year, I just had no time to establish a garden. Last year, I started a garden and quickly learned that the area where I started my garden was not getting enough sunlight. My harvest was late and minuscule. So, I’ve since cleared another 1500 sq ft of space, felling trees to get the sunlight in. Fingers crossed that the added area and sunlight will treat me well this year.

  8. I layer on spoiled hay, chicken and rabbit manure and chopped leaves from both neighbors’ yards. My soil is super soft and the earthworms love it.

  9. Mycelium soil is from mushrooms yet I don’t see you cultivating any?! So you combined Back to Eden as well as seven ways mushrooms can save the world? If you combine chickens with rabbits, the rabbit poop will neutralize the chicken poop and urine as well as nourish them.

  10. For the deer, a double fence works for my uncle. He had (he’s gone now) a 4ft fence 5ish feet apart. The deer don’t jump it. He thought it has something to do with their depth perception. Living Traditions homestead has a similar set up. They call it their chicken moat and use as their chicken run.

  11. Ive been gardening since i was a teenager when I convinced my dad to do it with me. He is very bug into fertilizer and pesticides and thinks im crazy that I have not used any for 3 years now. Growing more of my own grains this year and hopeing to grow 100% of my tomatoe based products. Planted 200 tomatoes last year might be closer to 300 this year!

  12. Question, starting a seed plant in bad nutrition. Then trans to rich… do you get a monster strong plants.

  13. Why no Gaurd dog to keep deer out and protect the sheep?

    Our Anitolian/ Australian mix puts in great work keeping critters away from our place.

  14. Thanks for sharing. We tend to till every year, so we need to give this a try. Our twirly things broke from the darn wind…lol …we had the same ones as you.

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