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How Much Should You SPEND On A Chicken Coop Build?

It really doesn’t matter as long as your chicken coop is secured. This is about food security. The price you pay is IRRELEVANT to have that peace of mind. Additionally, an attractive well built coop is brings with it a sense of accomplishment that a “shanty’ will never produce.


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Comment (19)

  1. Everyone knows in Bidenomics the best deal for a chicken coop is $150,000 at 34% interest rate on 65 yr term

  2. couldn’t agree more. we sold our home in Washington and moved here to Missouri. the people that owned this property before us threw out their garbage all over the property. its very saddening to have to clean up someone else’s garbage so we can live self sufficiently.

  3. I agree with you for the most part but one aspect needs to be noted. If a property looks a shantyville, hordes of looters will more than likely pass the place by. In a doc/vid on when it hits the fan, people threw their trash and dirty clothes, dishes, etc on the front lawn. When the looters saw the property in an unkempt condition they passed on by thinking that it was already looted. If I’m alive when it all goes down, I’d much prefer that they did not stop by for a visit, if you know what I mean.

  4. My family and I are just starting out on a bigger homestead. And it drives me crazy to see a mess place. I have to have everything in order

  5. I joined patreon page a month or 2 as soon as I heard books were free but i never heard how to receive books!

  6. I value chickens so much as beginnings for securing your food. I have cared for chickens at my daughters for 5 years now. I had health issues and had to move, and in less than 2 months, they are thinking of travel, so, getting rid of dog and chickens. I am praying they rethink, especially as things heat up…election funny business will not be funny! Thanks for common sense, teaching.

  7. I myself, like to take pride in what I have to look at every day. Everything is taken care of and everything has its place. It takes more time doing everything on my property with maintenance and up keep but it’s worth it to me. When I was young my mom always said we may poor but we’re going to be clean.

  8. If it is aesthetics only for this man’s barn, then you ate off base. I agree with the press board siding but that can be covered with metal. At this point, if it is a problem with finances, he could paint it to look better. Yes, it looks like there are a couple of gaps at the roofline and sidewall that need to be sealed. Animals are crafty and if you think anything is 100% foolproof, then you are kidding yourself. We just do what we can to thwart the wild critters.

  9. What’s up with the winter intro lol you live in Texas don’t you lol all good still love you channel

  10. My 1st coop, in town, was a shed with a carport run, kind of rednecky. The raccoons came and carnage occurred. We moved to the country. My second coop was a dog kennel covered with 1/2 inch hardware cloth and shade cloth ( I had 3 chickens). It was very rednecky, but I love chickens. Well I had a hen that wanted to be a momma, so I got a fertile egg from the neighbors and she hatched that and was happy for about 6 months. Then I let them free range and everybody hid their eggs. Then a free ranging rooster showed up from the neighbor’s (I called him Cogburn) and now I had a fertile broody hen. Last May she hatched out 14 babies while another neighbor hen hatched out 6. But I live in the desert where city folk like to drop off cats. I also have snakes, so I put everyone into two kennel rednecky coops and requested my handyman to build me a fancy, secure, BIG coop. I still have cats and snakes and coons and coyotes, but I still have those chickens (18 in all) who grew up and ate all my berry bushes before I got them corralled and they give me on average 8 eggs a day. There is room in that new, BIG coop for quail and meat birds and more hens (if I wanted to sell eggs), but mostly because I just like chickens and it hurts my heart when wild critters kill them. I also like how the new coop looks and maybe this year I will get some berries. I’m going to repurpose the largest kennel into a shade/green house. Maybe I will get some tomatoes too. If you want chickens, you will find a way. Spend what you can feel you can afford and you can grow from there.

  11. I thought I built mine like Fort Knox. I used quarter inch hardware cloth and buried it a foot in the ground but after six years it rusted out and I’m having to go back and bury metal in the ground.

  12. Not that I disagree with anything you said…however..this idea of food security in case of bad times shtf is stupid for most people unless they live somewhere without winters…the one thing NO homesteaders on YouTube talk about is how your are going to feed your chickens, goats, sheep, cows, pigs and horses when shtf…unless you learn what settlers did 200yr ago those animals are worthless except for how fast you can eat them before they starve during a winter..

  13. I think the first two commenters were using “zombie horde” differently. But yea the idea that everything should be affordable and easy plug n play OFF THE SHELF is NOT a homesteading mindset, DUH it cost $2500 or more buying NEW BUILDING MATERIALS for a coop… Particle board is shyte anywhere it’s gonna get wet at all, it’s pretty shyte overall imho.

  14. You are dead on correct. Aesthetics are important to the human psyche. Can you survive in a mess? Yes. You might even deflect problems by appearing to be an unproductive dump. But, pride of ownership and more organized production has proven for millennia to be a superior system.

  15. I live in a part of Pa. that has a lot of bears, plus all the other night time predators. That fence don’t look like it would stop one of our overgrown bears very long. As far as that “3rd world coop” it wouldn’t last one minute against a chicken hungry bear maybe even a raccoon. Fort Knox is a real neccesity in bear country. Spend the money and don’t have to replace dead chickens. A weasel will kill all of them and leave them lay if one can get in. Foxes like to dig their way in so be prepared. Don’t be surprised if they show up, even in a suburb. My Grandfather always told me if you have a garden and chickens you will never go hungry. He was correct. Also don’t live like a slob. You can be poor and clean too.

  16. Go big or go home baby. Couldn’t agree more. So looking forward to hearing more about organization on the homestead!!!!!! Thank you Zach. I love this.

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