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They are trying to condition you that growing food is irresponsible and besides, kids don’t like eating vegetables anyway!

Vegetable Fermentation At Home!

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  1. They are trying every angle. If it wasn’t written, I wouldn’t be able to comprehend the strong delusion they have and try to pedal.

  2. Well, I am carnivore and don’t eat veggies or fruits. They ruin my digestive track, I can’t tolerate them.
    If I become a homesteader, I will go all in for animals.

  3. The kid had a fit about a piece of broccoli in his fried rice because he doesn’t eat vegetables? I think that rice is awful close.

  4. First they tell us no meat, now no vegetables. Next it will be fruits. Oh yea, and rice (grains). How about the WEF can eat $HIT!

  5. Not registering jack! We all know that our home gardens help the planet not harm it. It’s all about control.

  6. I only know her because of live action. She tries saying her experience of unintentionally delivering her child at 20 weeks and her child’s death was the same as an abortion therefore abortion should be legal

  7. My kids love the Growing season. They have eaten from our garden ever since they could grab something with their hands. Bugs and all.

  8. I’m in Maryland, not sure if it’s just a show but our governor and local “leaders” are pushing growing your own food. they give away fruit trees every year put together seed swaps and gives away bulk topsoil.

  9. They already have seeds out here, idk I don’t count anything out anymore, but I don’t think their plans are going as they had hoped….

  10. just got my stupid should hurt shirt in today. I plugged your channel on my new channel . I hope its ok. You have been a big influence on me creating my channel. have a great day!!!!

  11. I guess they want to turn the world into a desert. Why, so we have no food or water. Look at what cutting down the Amazon is doing. Growing affects humans in a lot of ways, not just for food. Some people love the desert, I am not one of them. I think it is a fascinating place to visit, but I do not want to live there. I enjoy growing food and flowers and trees. For my physical health, my mental health and just general well being I need to look around and see all different shades of green and other colors. I enjoy seeing the birds and other wildlife that come and visit my property. I hate urban sprawl! I only go around it when I have to. That carbon footprint from plants is a good thing.

  12. There is a lady from North North Korea how school was telling there their biological dad is not the dictator was there dad and she says the school in America is just like North Korea

  13. Yep, this is whats for dinner…you eat or refuse and go hungry, pretty simple. It is a home not a resraunt.

  14. We do home made chicken nuggets…WAY better than Mc D’s (parf) or any other premade goo made into a animal form or ther shape…

  15. A local Walmart completely removed their nursery and replaced it with merchandise, really a shame. Slowly but surely they’re doing it.

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