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BEEF Prices Hit ALL TIME HIGHS! – Grains Up Too!

Cattle Futures hit all time highs last week and it was barely mentioned by the media. Prices of

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  1. My husband ain’t on with getting a half cow. I’m sure he wouldn’t eat it anyways. I raise rabbits, goats, pigs and chickens. I also hunt. I’m stocking up on ammo and pew pews

  2. Zack, Sleepy Joe is saying inflation is under control and is less than when he took office. This man is brain dead or an out right lair. Take your pick!

  3. I live in upstate NY. We do have farms that raise and sell beef. Only problem is that they charge high prices because of the NYC trade. I am currently looking for a farm that would sell meat to local folks at reasonable prices. Other than that our local grocery stores have lots of beef and the prices are higher than last year, but if you shop around you can get good deals. Also for a little work, you can save money on buying meat and process it at home. Cheap roasts make good hamburg for just a little work.

  4. Grew up in the Pocono Mountains, Pa. Parents kept a large garden, along with cows, chickens, ducks, pheasants, rabbits, goats, and a few friendly wild critters that may as well have been pets. Dad knew a butcher and he would take a cow down and drop it off. A few days later we would go back and pick it up – Packaged and labeled. If you wanted to save a few bucks the butcher would allow you to help with the processing. Oh, we also had apple trees, cherry trees, blueberries, grapes, strawberries, and a few others. Mom may have made wine from some of them. I still remember dinners with the entire meal off the property.

  5. I used to buy milk from a local farmer. I paid more than the cheese factories. Cheese plants got the state gov to pass a law that you can’t but milk direct from the farmer w/o a state id. PS back when i bought from the farmer they were not allowed to sell raw milk for human consumtion. Needless to say i had a very thirsty cat. I miss the raw milk

  6. We recently brought zebu to the homestead. We have a bull, cow, and calf. We aren’t sure at this point what we will do with the heifer calf. I could be milking my cow, but since she is new, she is shy and I am still working on building that relationship. We have goats for milk, but none in milk at this time, so we try to get local raw milk from a friend when she has it. Last time we bought a side of beef, it wasn’t grass fed, but we were desperate. I won’t go with them again, but am still looking for some pastured beef locally.

    I would love to hear what you think about consuming the “fat” of an animal which can be sacrificed. I know this doesn’t mean what is on the steak and such, but the leaf fat and such? Anyway, I just like to hear what others believe on it.

  7. We are working with our neighbor who is raising 3 beef cows and we will buy one and that way he can raise them(since we dont have space to) and it will pay for his time and we get good beef local.

  8. Sorry, that I have to start selling my vegetables at higher costs to the vegetarians, so I can afford higher beef costs.

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