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Quicker WAY To Spread Your FIG TREE!

The fig tree is one of the easiest to spread and propagate. The fastest way to jump start this process is to simply take from the root ball.

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  1. I don’t know how you found the most perfect fig planting music, but you’re totally killing it.

  2. zack after u cutt the root ball and placed it in different holes i was like ok zack but will they grow in new england then u answered the question for me and said find someone local and dont spend money online and they send u starts lol ty for the info

  3. Thank you for that! We have a fig tree and I would like to have more. We got it from a trim of the first fig tree that was planted in our town.

  4. Thanks Zack. My fig tree hasn’t done well since planting 2 years ago. Takes forever to appear “alive” in the Spring….

  5. You should be prepared for a slew of emails from single woman looking for a good Axe swinging man in shorts and muck boots..


  6. Awesome thanks for the tip! We will be doing this with ours it’s about the same size as yours!

  7. I came to you new2torah… prepping vids a dime a dozen.. I was upset when you decided to remarry was there an ex still alive in your past?… nonetheless I feel you are rebelling against your calling. Or are you totally negating Messiah now?… people need spiritual preparation more than they do physical. Are you taking the easy way out?

  8. Awesome video, I was curious what you ended up deciding to do with your pear tree as well. Have to see if the cold tolerant variety we got will survive here. 4b.

  9. I used to extract my honey at a friends facility in Philadelphia. She’s since moved on. But she gave me a small root of her huge fig tree. When I say small I mean a tiny piece of root. I planted three tiny pieces of root and two of them survived into nice fig trees.
    It’s easier than rooting the plants and going through that nonsense. I did that a few times too. I think your method is easier
    How about showing fermentation of Sun Chokes?

  10. I can’t believe you don’t get more views. I watch everything you put out since I found you. You give a great variety of info. Thank you Zach.

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