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A Sheep’s Time IS UP and FREE Chicken Feed For YOU!

We all know you want FREE High Protein Chicken FEED! Here you go!

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  1. I raised chickens to egg laying White Leg Horns the only thing I fed my chickens were ground clean egg shells from my area and ground corn (no meal)
    I kept my chickens in a big house heated and room to run around in and a small outdoor space fenced in. Keep doors closed in winter so they only go out for cleaning house
    I had eggs all year long and the richest yolk you can taste the difference.
    Bug Protein is for bug catcher hens.
    Rooster stayed with the roaster hens cannot get enough of these!

  2. Is it possible to use the bucket as a trap for the adult flies as well? Like making the ingress a funnel so they can’t get back out too easily?
    Wouldn’t that be another protein source?
    I ask, because I wonder if this will cause a fly infestation, even tho the maggots are getting eaten, would this make the adult flies get out of hand?

  3. I have goats. Surprisingly they haven’t torn anything up in a while lol. But they really are pushy as heck lol. But, I really want a good breed of sheep, if I get into them. So, for West Tennessee, what breed would you recommend?

  4. I’m using cheap 28% protein cat food as a treat for my flock to promote laying as the days are lengthening. I do the same for them when they begin to molt.

  5. What do you think about the Lemna minor and Azolla caroliniana? Maybe it’s a good solution too, cause they have protein. You can see more in the video “Lemna: The plant that can avoid the hunger” in the Sobrevivencialismo channel.

  6. Not trying to start shit, but I asked what Doug, from Doug and Stacy, thought of the maggots in a bucket idea, they were saying don’t believe it all. Then said your are a good Ol boy and it may work because people saw this video and, but they didn’t think they would work and the do it due to a fly nuisance.

    Can you confirm if this actually works? We are tight on cash, but want an alternative that works.

  7. The bucket system also works with road kill, lots of maggots.
    You can also feed road kill straight to the chickens.

  8. We have a herd of Nigerian Dwarf Goats. They are total shit heads lol. I love them. Always something to aggravate me. Smart as can be. And when it’s time to give them some grain good God. It’s like getting jumped by a pack of wolves lol.

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