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NEW STUDY Proves Me RIGHT Yet Again!

Compost toilets are great for dealing with waste in a grid down situation. And now a new study proves Compost toilets are healthier for your home.

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  1. This is why you put you tooth brushes in cup of peroxide. even if you compost toilet your toothbrushes will still develop fecal on them just as fast. you already have the first stages of fecal in your mouth 24/7

  2. You can have a look at Veritasium on Youtube too. Full explanation on this topic of lazers to vier nano and micro particles.

  3. We have a septic. I’ve been trying to talk my hubby into doing compost toilet. He’s in the mind set that is gross.

  4. The way they present this, we should have all been dead a long time ago. I guess our God given natural immunity works – imagine that!

  5. My gramdpa keeps a sign by the toilet that reads, “Please shut lid before flushing, I don’t want your DNA on the walls”

  6. Yes they have told us not to leave your toothbrush out,,,now you get it,,,I live in a home and I use a bucket and take my waste out to a specific spot,,the toilet paper is burnt in the wood stove,,most people are discusted with how I love,also right now my water pipes broke so I get water from the creek,boil it on wood stove,my pipe going outside is still intact but only goes out on too the yard…It is what it is.. Homestead

  7. I have a septic system. Where we live you cannot have a compost system with human waste in it. If I had a composting toilet I’m not sure what I would do with the compost what do you suggest to people that are in situations like mine? I would love to one day live somewhere where there’s more land and be able to do things different but for now I am where I am. I do know of a family that is on a farm but I know they would not take the waste from the composting toilet. We have a hard enough time if we want to just compost normal garden and food waste. I wonder how many other people are in my situation and stuck on what to do. The one thing I think about is those particles are getting on inside the toilet lid. Now when someone goes to the bathroom their clothing is touching that toilet lid so now when they sit down on furniture that stuff from the toilet lid gets transferred.

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