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SEE What A SECURE Chicken Coop Looks Like

Think of your chicken coop as a food factory. It must stay secure from the numerous predators that will attempt to overcome it.

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  1. I have had some problems with raccoons. So far no snakes or bears. We have hawks and eagles but I have a good top on. Yes my hens are freeloaders too.

  2. Have you ever had a bear try and get in? My brother-in-law lives in Ozark. It destroyed his chicken house and killed all those chickens.

  3. I very recently watched the video that was talking about arsenic in our foods. One stuck out to me and it was rice. Lee’s food banks give out a lot of those little bags of rice and people also store rice as part of their prepper idea. I had not even considered arsenic in foods. It’s not only infused but it can be in the groundwater. And if it’s in smaller amounts and you keep consuming it it can build up in your system. The person in the video said that folic acid 400 mg. taken daily can help to remove arsenic from your system if you’ve ingested or come in contact with it. Thank God for a place like YouTube or we can share these ideas that we might never hear about because we don’t talk to each other like we used to and share this information enough. That needs to change. How many people don’t even write letters to each other anymore. There’s something about seeing someone’s handwriting and a letter that is comforting. Okay enough for now and God bless everyone.

  4. We have some advantages in northern Alberta. No raccoons up here. Some Gardener snakes hut they get eaten by the chickens lol. We have coyotes in packs. We have foxes and grizzly and wolves. Hawks eagles and owls. The coyotes and hawks are the real issue. The chickens get locked up at night so no dangers there. Dogs keep the coyotes at bay but we can’t free range our birds. Coyotes wait for them to get near the bush.

  5. That is a massive run! Looks great. I learned that chickens, unlike other roosting birds, like a flat roosting bar to stand on. Instead of gripping the bar. It also makes it so their feet are completely covered by their feathers while the roost. Our roost bars are 3.25 inches. Im sure its not a huge deal. Theyre just chickens. But just thought I would toss that out there for anyone who cares.

  6. To cure the Freeloading Slackers ,enter your coop area choose a location in full view of the coop area . Now pound two nails into the wall near the door and hang your hatchet on those nails , egg production will soar ! Lol KB

  7. I used rabbit wire on mine also! I also Have a Pyrenean Mastiff for the preditor kill and Red Healer for scare off and a mouthy alarm mutt that gets the whole pack stirred up! Two House German Shepherds to turn loose to help and to finish kill!

  8. What size coop and what size run? How many birds? Is the wood for the frame rating in the ground? What did you use for that? I would love to start building my own similar coop. Hope you’ll see this and reply.

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