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Part 2 – Homeschool Curriculum – Sources and Costs

So for those of you still watching, the question becomes; Where can I find all those materials and learn to piece them together myself? And what is the cost and ways to save money?

Jaimie goes over a number of ways she learned to put together her yearly homeschool curriculum and some ways to find your materials and save money.

Favorite places to buy books:


MATH FACTS: https://timestales.com/?rfsn=1892343.28b68d

Favorite homeschool inspiration:

Five Flavors of Homeschooling helps pinpoint your own homeschooling style.

Sarah Mackenzie’s “How We Homeschool” series shows how she puts everything together!

Read Aloud Revival podcast

Mystie Winckler’s blog Simply Convivial

Rea Berg’s (Beautiful Feet Books) Interview with Sarah Mackenzie can’t be missed!

Favorite sources for booklists:

Simply Charlotte Mason

Beautiful Feet Books

Living Books Library

Sabbath Mood Homeschool (living science books)

Read Aloud Revival

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Comment (16)

  1. Well you got a whole lot on your plate and your a Strong mom and God will help you and in the long run them Kids well Grow and appreciate what you and Zack AND God has done and i am so happy to see you all happy may God Bless you Guys a whole lot.

  2. This is great info thank you very much. Very motivating to me thank you! Keep these videos coming!

  3. Thank you for the videos and the resources listed. It’s very helpful. I remember watching one of your videos about a math multiplication aid you recently discovered and used. I would like to used the resource with my children but sadly I can’t remember the name. I was hoping to see it mentioned on this video. Could you point me in the right direction? Thanks.

  4. you are living my dream life!
    but because my husband is in the military, I can only live through people like you. Maybe when he retires I will convince him to move away from the city and live off the land. I also wish I could homeschool my daughter… but we both get frustrated just by doing homework.
    Greetings from Ft. Bliss – TX

  5. Well, then I am a nerd, too ☺️. Some of the resources I knew, but others I didn’t. Thank you for those and the nice videos!

  6. I love this video ❤️ she’s a sweetheart. I wonder since she loved learning and reading, did she ever want to write? it would be cool to read her own thoughts about things.

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