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The Off Grid Homestead Shower

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Jaimie gives the rundown on the shower routine on the homestead. I can work hard all day and the next day if I can just shower before I go to bed.

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  1. I love this idea and am trying to talk Mr. Rain into making me this set up, it would be nicer than the big stock pot and cup method I like to use in the winter 🙂

  2. Hang a cheap mirror behind where you hang you lantern and you will have twice the light. Just make sure it’s glass and not plastic. That’s what we did as a kid.

  3. Perhaps on another video you could describe how you connected a shower head with on/off switch to a bucket. I didn’t see any details about the materials you used or pre-made shower bucket at the end of your video, so I’m assuming that you or Jamie made it from scratch. It is indeed good to see a new video on Youtube from you all again.

  4. As a child, we only had cold running water, so heated all of our bath/wash water. I was sponge bathing the “essential ” parts during the week, with full bath on Saturday. My sisters and I washed our hair in the sink using cold water, with a pitcher of warm water rinse.

  5. Well you explained how you get your warm water for a shower but that did not explain how you shower.
    How does the water go from the bucket to shower you?
    I have used a shower head & hose that goes in a bucket & you turn it on & a small pump brings the water up & out threw the shower head. It is charged the same as a cell phone or computer.
    Then the one I like is to use a 2 gal. Pesticide container with a hose you attach to a hose you buy that is used for a sink sprayer. And you attach the 2 hoses so it is long enough. You do the same water fixing like you do then close it up & pump
    A good amount of pressure in the pesticide container and you
    Get a good spray & shower.
    The idea was by a youtube
    Guy named Brian and his channel is “adventurevanman”.
    You will see his complete directions. I think you will really like it. Also: for summer he bought a shower tent $45.00
    From Wal Mart, he uses at camp sites. He is a real nice guy & has good ideas. He lives full time in his van & travels all over. If you are ever curious about somewhere look him up to see if he has been there.

  6. This lifestyle builds character for sure. Simple luxuries. Do you ever become ‘reverse judgemental’? People waisting goods or needing excess? Kind of like going to a 3rd world country for a while then coming home to see people throwing away perfectly good clothes because they want to buy new ones. We are so blessed in America.

  7. Love your video’s. I really needed to see how you do this. I need your way of showering now and it’s so easy. Thank You

  8. It’s crazy how complicated and expensive our lives become because of convenience. This is beautifully simple.

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