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Canning Beans Is Easy!

Join Jaimie as she prepares a large batch of various beans for the pantry. Canned beans are so much easier to use for cooking. Cooking beans on demand requires much more time and energy to prepare.

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Comment (20)

  1. jammi could you do a vid on caning bread and butter pickles?I love them and I have the kosher pickling spices but what do you use and howdo you do you do your pickles.

  2. I am going to try the no soak way for my first try at canning beans. When you use them do you rinse them or just use from the jar? I love chick peas and rice so that is my first goal to try them with. I will try soaking first for my next canning of beans.

  3. Ok.. So how did they turn out?
    1- soak beans over night
    2- pack jars
    3- process on 15# (10# my area?) for 75 minutes

  4. I think the Walmart brand pint jars are smaller than ball! I get 9 ball pint jars to my smaller pot and 10 pint Walmart jars! Great video thank you!

  5. I love having beans on my shelf ready to eat anytime . I never soak mine just clean and rinse them . I use 1/2 cup for pints and 1 cup for quarts. love to have them . My husband doesnt like them very much so I never got to have them very often just because I wouldnt cook them for myself (just a woman thing lol) Love your videos !!!!

  6. Its odd but the only jars I have ever had a problem with when canning Is the Walmart jars. Ive had 6 of them break, The screw lids have had no thread Missing the sealing lid. But the jars breaking while canning( int the canner ) were the biggest issue . And yes I check them thoroughly before use no chips or cracks. Out of 3 boxes Six jars that’s a lot.

  7. I was hoping for the whole process. Like taking the beans out of the fridge. Putting it in the jars. Putting them in the canned and then putting it on the fire. Taking it off. Segments would be fine but I really would rather see the whole process. Thanks for the video

  8. The store where I get most of my seeds and starter plants for the garden also sells groceries. A lot of their store brand inventory in the grocery department is packaged in standard mason jars. Whenever I empty one of their jars I always wash it out and save it for future use. What attracted me to click on this video was the picture of the beans on the plate. The plate brought back childhood memories because my grandmother had that same pattern with the green flowers.

  9. General Idea is great! But instead of telling/talking all the way, you should have demonstrated/showing what you are EXACTLY doing! …… Pictures would have spoken for themselves –as they say …;-))

  10. Used another canner (presto) and did a bunch of beans on the stove. ! Now I have my All American Canner ordered and it just arrived, and I am looking forward to trying canning over our wood stove!

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