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Burning Holes In Garden Fabric Template

We are giving garden fabric a try this year after have seen so many others have a lot of success. So far, I’m pretty impressed. It can be a bit of an upfront expense but this should last 4 or 5 years if we take care of it.

Leave a comment below if you use garden fabric and tell us your experience. Your comment may help someone else looking for information.

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  1. If the cloth is a square you could just turn it 90 degrees and could still rotate crops

  2. Its been really cool here on the loony left coast of BC in the loony left city of Vancouver – I said heck with it and planted everything yesterday –

    Im in a 3 story building with a wonderful landlord – I bought 5 raised bed and put them in the front of the building – hoping for a decent harvest –

    I actually do alright on my balcony on the north side – last year I was able to grow zucchini in a pot – after a little research recently I m going to do it again but in a bigger pot- This year the balcony is even more loaded down – for those who think you cant grow on a north facing balcony, YOU CAN – I had tomatoes – peas – beans – zucchini – bok choy – spinach – swiss char and more –

  3. You will love the ground cover. It’s our saving grace when it comes to gardening. Love my shirt from you that says stupid should hurt. Wear it all the time. Great to see another side arm carrier.

  4. Great idea!!!! My hubby uses different size aluminum cans held with his vice grips for his burn circles… he attached a stick of 6 inches to stay a foot apart. Best ground cover ever… shout out to Living Traditions too

  5. Has anyone tried the used billboard tarp material? I have seen some on youtube use it, but I dont know if the breath-ability differences between landscape cloth and billboard is important. If so maybe add small holes. The only reason for the bill board is that I think it might last longer than the fabric.

  6. Thank you! I’m definitely trying this. My husband’s on board because you tried it.
    Right now my cloth is down, straight and tight. I have been trying to find something that my OCD self can tolerate. The holes have to be in neat straight rows or I’ll not be satisfied, even if you can’t see them later. It has to be better than what I’ve done so far.

  7. @zachary bauer what ground cover is this again?? I can’t find the link now and don’t see it in the comments. Thanks!!

  8. The farmers over here, west of you, say don’t plant until May 1. I planted from seed this year, direct sow. I’m so thankful!!!

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