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My EASY Tomato Tips For Summer – MUST SEE!

A quick tour of the 2024 tomato collection in the garden along with some helpful tips worth mentioning!


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Comment (16)

  1. Please don’t tell people in the hot desert not to water every day. Unless you live in 9% humidity and 120° F, you have no concept of how plants are thirsty and desperately need water. You can kill your tomato plant in one day if you do not water it in our heat. In Vegas, there is a well-known tomato expert who waters her tomatoes five times a day for a few minutes each time, otherwise, they die and or fail to produce any fruits. There are real challenges to growing in the desert that someone living in 15% humidity and a cool spell of 100° will never understand.

  2. Tomatoes have been a challenge this year. Not in the growing, but in the fruiting. Plants are 6-7 feet tall, and barely any fruit…..

  3. I love Brandywine , Amish paste, pink fang (paste) & black strawberry ( cherry ). I use to have 7 or 8 varieties & I decided to keep it simple this year.

  4. Zach, would you be so kind as to share a link for your landscape fabric? The kind we got keeps shrinking in the sun and pulling up the landscape staples. Very frustrating.

  5. Great video. Cherokee purple is our fav tomato. I grow it and Amish paste every year with success. My family always grew other well known favorites but this is ours. I experiment with a couple new ones each year for fun. Not much luck with mortgage lifter,ozark traveler , big boy, enter boy and all the traditional ones Missouri Love tomato was pretty but small and not a lot of production. Thanks for sharing

  6. I grow low acid varieties which my locals are recommending because of a health issue but I need a good paste tomato.

  7. What am I doing wrong as my blooms are just dropping. They are covered with shade cloth. Right before the Texas hot weather hit. I had strong transplants that were really healthy. I may have ten tomatoes (slicers) from about fifty plants.

  8. Do you have a tip for strawberries?? I always say I can grow anything from bananas to peanuts but I can’t grow strawberries!! I’ve got a whole raised bed full and a basket, lots of leaves, no fruit! And with 2 toddler boys eating strawberries daily it would be nice. Haha

  9. They aren’t even spiders. lol Love those daddy long legs. I didn’t know that about them and aphids, but we also have a lot of lady beetles. So the aphids show up and then a week later the LB show up.

  10. I am raising cherokee purple, cherry, better boy, and beefsteak this year in northern KY. Here is a tip if anyone wants to propagate tomatoes and save some money. We break off the suckers and put them in water to root. After a couple weeks they’re ready to plant out.

  11. Daddy long legs are very sweet and friendly with people. Growing up on east coast, my friends and I made pets out of them. I rarely see any in Indiana. I’m not sure why.

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