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Comment (19)

  1. Don’t Guineas tend to fly away…and if u let them free range, eagles/hawks/owls will pick them off, no? These r the predators on my land.

  2. We know who is an American with a lot of money, a globalist, believes in depopulation, getting richer off the ujabs, into genetics, and using his supposed charity foundation for notorious activities. Greed, the Love of money power and control will be his downfall if he doesn’t repent and change his wicked ways. He and others need to be held accountable. Look into God given herbs and weeds for natural cures and or relief not those playing gods. God bless in Jesus Christ’s name.

  3. Check your sources of supplements as many natural companies are being bought out and im sure not maintaining the same quality.

  4. Let’s see, the government wants to stop consumption of red meat. Magically a new disease appears that will stop you from eating red meat. What are the odds?

  5. I eat 4 hours a day (usually between 10 am & 2 pm) the rest of the day I don’t eat. I have also started eating foods that help my adrenals instead of hurting them & lost 30 lbs in 8 months. It turns out everything I was eating was not good for me, I eat clean & healthy foods but this is AMAZING! you go dude!

  6. You had me at chiggers. This year I discovered putting castor oil on my feet and ankles and legs keeps the chiggers off me. But, I went a couple days without and now I have some of the biggest chigger bites ever. One even on my bumb. Better than on my yep, but still. Nothing itches like a chigger bite

  7. How about turkeys. I have seen video’s where the turkey destroys a snake, and I believe they eat bugs as well. How would they do at eating ticks?

  8. Consult your doctor ? Doctors are the ones that pushed the pois*n shot ….no ways so I ever trust a doctor….as for a doctor recommending natural remedies, nope that ain’t going to happen either.

  9. We need a rent-a-goat, rent-a-hen service. Bring the animal to eat up the poison ivy or ticks/fleas, pick them up in the evening. 🙂

  10. For what it’s worth, I’ve been taking astaxanthin for the last couple years, among other supplements, and my beginning cataracts have disappeared and my night vision has not only come back, but improved. I know, correlation is not causation, but…

  11. They can get past the dogs. They might get past the geese. NOBODY gets past the Guineas!

  12. I have Lyme disease and it’s painful. I’m working on it, but I wish people really knew how painful it can be.

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