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Army Colonel Speaks About Being Fired – Pokey Poke

A US Army Colonel speaks out about his being fired from command after his refusal to take the pokey poke.

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Comment (17)

  1. When the system speaks of how bad this country is, spend years at war, then kicking people out for not wanting an experimental poke, and now we wonder why nobody wants to go in.

  2. Liberty without self discipline and a moral compass enslaves us all to all of our wims.

  3. When I joined up, I had intentions of doing 20 years. That changed after I started seeing the BS. I saw several others prior to me get out because of the same BS. The sad thing is, a lot of it stemmed from one person and a useless command.

  4. I agree with you, but if the doo-da really hits the fan, aren’t they just going to confiscate all our gold?

  5. No pokes here. Not even a covid test was ever taken. Wasn’t i supposed to be dead by now? Isn’t that what the media was screaming around December 2020? Wake up assholes (directed at the sheep still believing whatever the screen says)

  6. The guys I served with who were there for college loan repayments were generally the most self important, useless POS I had around me. When I became an NCO, they were the ones who constantly challenged my authority and demanded explanations for the orders I was required to hand down. The military is so screwed – people have no idea that its just a government jobs program now and hardly any real warfighters willing to apply kinetics is left.

  7. EVERYONE PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DO NOT buy physical silver and gold…..I can’t afford more if everyone is buying it up, and driving the price up. OK, OK, go ahead and buy it up, We will likely need to be able to use it as currency OUTSIDE of the digital dollar that is only backed by military force.

  8. Geeze. I though Air Assault school was rather easy. Now grant it, I was at the pinnacle of my physical fitness. I had been training to go to Ranger School on the off chance my Battalion Commander would grant me school request after winning battalion soldier of the month multiple times. M-F, I would run 3 miles with a 42lb ruck @ 5am.

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