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Let me just give you my perspective on some things going on.

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  1. There was a documentary on Russia and they showed warehouse after warehouse and runway after runway of planes and tanks just rusting away, I was shocked and yes if you’re humvee can’t make it down the road there are several Hillbillies ready to make it a fun day.

  2. I am a civilain. I am a nurse. I am a Man. I can fix homes , from foundation to roof including plumbing and electrical. I can fix my Car and others. I have rebuilt enginges have done all work on my vehicle up until I felt I did not want to anymore. $300 to replace two rotors and pads on my 05 Chevy Tahoe and I cose to do them myself as I already had the parts. I have been preparig since around 2012.

  3. Zach, just a bit of anecdotal evidence: I recently retired from a SOF unit at Bragg. This was a HQ Element….but they didn’t even have weapon mounts that could attach to the vehicles they had. No one knew what to order or how….no one knew how to run a simple vehicle live fire. It was pathetic.

  4. Also, you’re exactly right about the Russians being a paper tiger. I called the Ukrainian war deal…I was the only one that believed the Ukrainians would
    Hold out longer than 6 weeks.

    I would submit China is the same way. They’re simply a propaganda tool like ISIS to keep the military industrial complex rolling.

    Additionally, I haven’t forgotten that our government was caught red handed doing illegal bio weapon research with the CCP. Then they released it on the world in order to purge the military and test draconian control using the pokey poke.

  5. If anyone believes little Ukraine has stood toe to toe with Russia for nearly 2years and yet you’re worried about Russia attacking USA, your not using your brain. It’s just a way to transfer money…

  6. Most people ‘need’ their phones. I think technology is a way to control people. You’re right about them not having the ability to control you with the military. A lot of the folks in the military wouldn’t want any part of that, right? It’s kind of like getting cops to round up weapons. A lot of them don’t want anything to do with that type of operation. But tech isn’t worried about those issues. It just does what it’s told. I think that’s how most people will be controlled. I’m not trying to tell you I have a bunch of answers- just giving some thoughts.

  7. I’ve got to say the very last comment sadly had me bust a gut laughing about not knowing what bathrooms to use anymore. That could not be more true.

  8. I’m in Canada. We are absolutely screwed and it’s the populations fault. They’ve sat with their fingers up their rears and done nothing about Trudeau. A piss poor weak excuse for a dictator. I mean absolute coward. Ran and hid from a peaceful truckers protest. Only in power because the last 3 elections were fraudulent and its been proven. Still Canadians do nothing. The fighting generation that stormed Juno beach and defeated Germanies best in Ortona are gone. A weak bunch of soft cowards are here now. To few of us willing to fight.

  9. Trudeau likes to slip new bills through parliament without the population realizing it. The people just aren’t paying attention. He recently was on tv talking about the millions he’s pouring into our military. All he’s done since taking power is cut our military off at the knees. I become very suspicious of anything that communist prick does. Turns out the bill he ramned through with the support of the New Democrat Party gives him the power to use Canadian troops against our own population. And he’s opened up recruiting to non Canadians. Bring in foreigners with no ties to the country or loyalty to the people and they will do any criminal deeds Trudeau wants. There’s gonna be bloody in the streets up here.

  10. BRICS will bring in their own currency and devalue the American dollar. They will shift the power and belief from Westernism to Easternism. It’s happening in real time as speak.

  11. Putin’s “special operation” is on its 3rd year now,
    Dragging Europe and the world back to possible world conflict.
    Waving nuclear weapons around like they are toys out of desperation. His indiscriminately bombed women and children.
    His best troops are KIA day one.
    He was pushed out of Kiev and went for 17% of Ukraine to 11%
    If he does ever take Kyiv, he will move on to Poland and regain the rest of his COMMIE land.
    4% of the US Defense budget has helped grind his army down to scraps and has been grinding his transcripts as fast as they are deployed. Precision can absolutely defeat Putin’s drunken mass.
    Big fuck you to all the Chad’s, who are soft targets, succumbed to Russian propaganda as he is infiltrated the right wing of our country
    Just remember a couple years ago the mass hysteria of “commie takeover “in our country now they’re cheerleading for the real ones who have nuclear warheads pointed at the US. that’s all you need to know about some of these fucking chads we have living in the US

  12. If they aren’t able to do any of the things gs you are talking about, why do you live the way you live?

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