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WOAH! – Tags REGISTRATION Leads To Confiscation and Control

More and more the state and federal governments are enacting and dictating more control over the food supply. The way to resist (for now) is to refuse to comply and establish relationships with growers.

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Comment (17)

  1. how long before the feed stores are required to see an “authorized” location code before they can sell you livestock feed?
    Time to start forming an underground supply chain.

  2. Duing the first outbreak of madcow within 24 hours we knew were the cow came from. WITHIN a week the foreign markets were shut down destroying the cattle industry. After that the state and national cattle association started a farm of origin if it keeps foreign markets open as a 3rd generation stockman and 2 dauthers in it I am all for it. This is only to be able to track problems.

  3. As an I.T. Consultant, I can see the benefits of using an RFID tag for an owner to track their animal for various pedigree/health checks with the vet, etc.
    But I think in no way should this be mandated by the government at all.
    Producing food was such a basic right that the founders felt it was self evident and not needed to be mentioned in the constitution.

  4. A couple points…
    1. A. Dog who gets his chain shortened 1 link at a time, never noticed how much freedom he loses.
    2. Our Patriot protest group always says it “what ever they try next, do not comply!”
    Much love for getting this out to those who will listen.

  5. I have a glutton of Stinging Nettle on ny property for those in western WA that would like some.

  6. We have some friends that own their own custom butcher shop. That is where we get our beef butchered, or I may buy some beef from them. They also sell their own beef, pork, lamb and goats. I sell my farm fresh eggs to them and to my long time customers. My husband and I have now become licensed in Missouri to sell our own raised and butchered chicken to the public. We can sell up to 1000 chickens per year. We are humbled and blessed by YeHoVaH! We are so happy to have things fall into place by YeHoVaH! HalleluYAH!

  7. 9 words you never want to hear:
    “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help”.

  8. Have you heard about the Amish farmer in PA that was selling beef to friends and neighbors? The government came in and shut him down. I believe they confiscated his processing equipment as well. So. The government will have their way come heck or high water unless we “clean he swamp” and get them out.

  9. Russia Is Becoming Far More Freedom, America is Becoming Far More Communist, Welcome To America The Communist Country, America Is Becoming Far More a Dictatorship, The American Government Do as We Say or You Will Go To Jail.

  10. We have been doing this for years in michigan. The USDA started it with the tuberculosis scare, from the wild elk they shipped here from out west.

  11. Congress is the only one that can administer law these entities like the USDA cannot make laws these illegal organizations need to be dismantled an the arrested all illegal organizations members

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