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  1. It’s all good, but, please please please, if you transmit on GMRS, not during an emergency, get a license, and use proper radio operations. Some of us use these routinely, and Please don’t turn GMRS and Ham into more CB wild wild west. Get the licenses, and use them so that you know how and what they can do, but be a good and respectful operator. Remember some of those HAM frequencies, go world wide as well.

  2. I dont understand why anyone would want to get a GMRS license, as this is just a way for the government to get your information. FJB-

  3. It won’t be hard to jam them. Every radio device in America, to meet FCC regulation has to accept RF at a level that makes it possible to jam

  4. If it were government suppression, you couldn’t use a radio of any kind due to interference. Look what Cuba did during the uprising a couple years ago. I wouldn’t doubt that if we were in a real war, another country could have that tech in a satellite.

  5. If you already have at least a tech level ham license you don’t need a GMRS license. It’s not about the frequencies, it’s about the output wattage.

  6. Consider this. Ruby Ridge and Waco was a wake up call to Americans about Government Tyranny. Bundy Ranch story was a wake up call to US Government about the ability for Americans to quickly communicate and organize. Facebook allowed Americans to quickly communicate and respond. Facebook will not let that happen again. Radios are a way to communicate that the government cannot stop. I have UV5Rs that I hand out to friends with a business card explaining “Comm Plan”. I have HAM i can connect to a $150 laptop that has JS8call, along with AES Text Encryption. This allows me to communicate privately to friends across the country. Wake up my friends, Communications is key to success in battle, we are in battle for freedom.

  7. I think these little outages here and there are just testers for when they really throw down and f everything up. I really think they’re just trying to figure out our strengths and our weaknesses. When they do attack it’ll be complete and it will be solid and we would be totally screwed.

  8. Single side and cb… low tec. These new bow bow fang radios are to techy for someone like me. Need something more plug and play. You could also get a scanner for more local areas

  9. Thanks Zach, for your videos! This comment is actually about another video that you did on wood stoves. You recommended the Williams Stove Polish. I ordered it and tried it! What an amazing product! No off-gassing, like you said. So thankful to have it. It makes my stove look so nice too! Thank you for the recommendation!

  10. I bought uv5r3 but now I’m considering getting several portable CB radios because a lot of people already have them up here in hills of E Tennessee

  11. Can anyone explain if there’s a way to connect to a repeater without a license, and still just listen?

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