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Inflation LIES FORCE People To Hunt And Garden

With inflation continuing to rise, people are now starting to hunt for meat and grow gardens in order to feed their families.



Vegetable Fermentation At Home!

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Comment (19)

  1. Yes…’fast food’ is the same as a sit down restaurant these days. It’s crazy. As much as we love a good meal out…we have cut way back!

  2. Just thinking out loud…
    The increase of population & buildings push wildlife out. More people hunting what wildlife is left..
    Will there be issues down the road?

  3. I have a guest on if it ever comes down to gold and silver will it de blood guts and machines guns for those that have it

  4. I know it isn’t the point but your shirt today might be my very favorite ❤
    Don’t comply brethren.

  5. Watched your live stream 1 hour ago but I was not able to comment on it, No box for me to type in, Maybe its because im using a computer rather than a phone? Any ways My kids live hours away so when my internet or phone is down I have no way to talk to them and if that happens for days or weeks that’s scary, If they close down the phone and internet im 100% cut of from them and they can’t call me. Both girls who moved away for work with their men so it’s crazy when you think they can out of touch that fast.

  6. I can’t afford to buy gold,so I’ve been doing alot of bartering,or trading . But the only problem is you need cash to buy fuel.

  7. Yeah man, Joe Biden is the first American president to lie and inflation is a liberal invention.

  8. I’ve been doing the grocery shopping every Sunday afternoon for the last 5 years. We pretty much buy the same thing every time and every single item has at least doubled in price. And you have to pay attention to the per ounce price because a lot of the bulk stuff isn’t cheaper anymore then the smaller packaging.

  9. I live on the west coast literally on the coast and I find it extremely hard to Garden nothing wants to grow well

  10. I am a die hard gardener! At my age at least 35 year now. I will teach anyone how if they will help with the work. I will say livestock is the biggest bang for the buck on a homestead with more calories that you can get.

  11. We took a rabbit processing class this past Sat. I cooked our first rabbit yesterday. 15 years ago, I wouldn’t eat anything on a bone. I’ve had to change my view of things to get out of the food system and help us to get more capable of caring for ourselves. It’s channels like yours that are helping me to do so. Thank you.

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