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The Forgotten Truth About Pickled Eggs

Millions of pickled eggs are consumed each year. But this pickled food has been a popular snack for the last few hundred years and continues to be so because its simple to prepare and it’s SAFE TO EAT.

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  1. I’ve seen many bars here in Wisconsin that keep their jar of pickled eggs on the counter… People eat them all the time… Never heard of anyone even getting sick.

  2. Lol. I don’t trust anything those yahoos in the government says anymore. The vinegar kills everything. It’s acid nothing is gonna live in there.

  3. When visiting the pub with my father and cousin i used to love to get a packet of salt and vinegar crisps with a pickled egg in there lovely still like it now

  4. I add Vienna Sausages too my pickled eggs as well as ‘spicy brand’ sliced spam and food coloring for organizing the different flavored jars.
    (don’t knock it til you try it)

  5. I ate my first Pickled egg today and I am 57 years old. Very good. Also Long term protein storage. Stocking up and making my own.

  6. Touche you are spot on. I love pickled eggs. My dad used to take me into a local store that had a gallon jar of pickled eggs on the counter. Real pickled eggs not those red things. I do my with jalapenos, garlic, mustard seed, salt and I generally use left over Mt. Olive jalapeno pickle juice that I save. I prefer the spicey jalapeno pickle juice but if I don’t have any I will make a brine solution. Great video.

  7. Late to the comments after two years but in Europe no one puts eggs in the fridge. Even fresh eggs are kept out at room temp. The difference is in the farming and processing methods. If I lived in the US I would fridge, here in the UK there is no need.

  8. If there is free food on the bar it is because it makes people thirsty! Peanuts, popcorn and pickled anything! LOL
    My personal favorite “thirst-maker” is horse radish pickles!! Yum yum! They make tears flow down your cheeks as you bang your fist on the counter top!
    Thanks for the info. I was suspicious of the tooth pick poke all along… ✔️

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