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NEW Data Shows What STATES People SEEK For Freedom!

It’s freedom these people are seeking. Let’s be honest. People don’t usually leave places unless they feel unsafe or oppressed. These people elected a bunch of Karens but do they realize the mistake they made in order to never make that mistake again?



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  1. I’m a patron and don’t remember what my password to patreon is lol so I’m gonna be a patron till the patreon goes under

  2. Currently in Florida and it’s getting bad in several places. People from the NE USA have ruined the housing market in every city and town just like they did in Montana where my family is. The 20acre lot and house they bought years ago was 200k would currently sell for over 600k. It’s insane.

  3. Had a CA want to argue with me about how much better CA was vs Ozarks… I asked her when she was going back to CA. She said never. I said, then it really wasn’t better, was it. She stopped speaking to me

  4. We live in upstate SC. Sooo many people are moving here. It is horrible. No longer has a small town feel. Everyone is rude and in a hurry. They get on Nextdoor and talk about how we shouldn’t be allowed to shoot fireworks or anything else in our yards. It is crazy. Yet nobody has noticed all the exceedingly large, blonde hair men moving here that speak a foreign language. The ones up the road from me have fortified their house. It is concerning. They look like they should be on a battlefield. It’s like an army.

  5. Zach you are assuming that because someone moved from a blue State they were voting blue. I left California late 2019. I was always a conservative and always voted that way and I moved to Missouri which was about as conservative as you can get. I wanted nothing to do with the insanity of liberalism. After all you moved out of St Louis which is just about the most liberal corrupt city in the country. Does that mean you were voting liberal? I highly doubt it

  6. That’s actually corporate media indoctrination about voting, Zach. They show everybody the pre-election surveys so that the outcomes don’t appear to be surprising. I think you’ll appreciate this quote by an unknown forum member from years ago: “If voting meant anything, they wouldn’t let us do it.”

  7. Well you know the joke about women and accountability… So half the new rats will vote the same after ruining their lives. The other half? Who knows how the men from there will vote. I wouldn’t bet my life on their votes either…

  8. I totally agree it’s not too bad here but Austin Texas is turning blue must be California’s buying all the land up

  9. @An American Homestead Zach, I get what you’re saying about “don’t vote like you did”, but as we all found out in 2020, what also matters is “WHO” is counting the votes, not just every vote counts. Love your channel.

  10. STOP moving to Texas We do not have the water to support this growth And we dont need you bringing your bs here You should have fixed your state

  11. I wouldn’t want to be in any state bordering Mexico or the ocean, nor near any large city, esp in demonrat ran states.

  12. I live on the conservative side of WA and a lot of my conservative friends are jumping ship to get away from the liberal Californians that have invaded this state for decades. I sure can’t blame them.

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