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TASTE Test Quail Egg Recipes And Balut Challenge!

We are going to taste test a few different recipes for our pickled quail eggs.
As a base, you always want 1 Tsp Salt per pint. Use regular white vinegar. No refrigeration needed ever. Other spices added 1 or 2 Tsp at a time per pint. Wait 4 weeks and EAT!

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  1. I love Cilantro too… Maybe use fresh next time or leave off the stronger herb that dominated the flavor…?

  2. Oh nah Zach your a brave soil to try balut… I jus couldn’t stomach it myself… honestly if I cracked open a balut n saw baby duck feathers n a beak etc I’d loose my cookies.

  3. You could try cold smoking the eggs first. I have smoked hard boiled ones on the grill. A thin layer on the outside is a little tough but taste good smoked.

  4. My whole idea of homesteading was to get out of the Babylon system, not just save money or make money. Sure, use money to get started and self sufficient, but, once you’ve accomplished those, then get out of the babylonian system and stop using its paper/electronic money.

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