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Freeze Dryers AND Why I’ll Never Own One – 6 Reasons!

Freeze dryers seem to be very popular these days and there a number of companies now selling them. Here are 6 reasons why I will never own a freeze dryer and why it might be a good idea to at least CONSIDER and think about why this purchase should be questioned.

RAIN’S VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4XNsip1vmY

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  1. Well we bought a harvester one last September never worked what a waste of money called tried to get help. No one helped called again nothing they told us would work so now it’s just sitting on a table and it has never worked what is shame $4500 down the drain.

  2. I was always interested in one, but that price…I have the option to borrow one and I might take my neighbor up on it just for some experimenting, but I’ll stick to my ferments, jerky and root cellar.

  3. We love our freeze dryer! Harvest Right has amazing customer service, our sealer was not working they had one sent out right away!

  4. I’ll never buy a freezer dryer because I’m a cheapskate. Just me. If you got one and love it. Go for it.

  5. We love ours! We use it to preserve and freeze dry our milk from our cow so we can have it while she is dried off! Works wonderfully to make powdered milk that can be reconstituted and not taking space in a freezer so if someone on your channel has a milk cow it may make sense. There’s no other really good way to make milk shelf stable long term.

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