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Swamp Adventures With Papa Pepper – Part 2

Have you ever walked through a swamp at night? Have you ever bow fished Carp? Papa Pepper and me hit the swamp and then put up 36 jars of “trash fish” carp into the pantry!

Papa Pepper’s Channel

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  1. I really want to try carp, problem is there are not lakes in my area that have them. The Hudson river has big carp but the water is polluted. My search goes on.

  2. Grew up fishing the Big Mississippi river a mile from our house, off the dock with cane poles; carp, pike, sucker, walleye, crappie, bass, bluegill and catfish.

  3. “I don’t taste the fish at all…” <--- THAT is exactly how I like fish....with no fish flavor 🙂 I have to try that now lol

  4. Well we grew up eating carp/gar balls here in Texas, so what you do is get you some Gar cut you up some little nuggets and roll’em around in some fish fry preferably Zatarain’s, but you can make your own and put your own herbs and spices, then throw it in a little peanut oil for a minute roll it over and get you some Louisiana hot sauce and get down on some Carp balls.

  5. A fun video showing how to go carp hunting/fishing. You sure score getting all that carp, and did a great job canning it. That will provide nutritious food for months to come! Blessings to you and yours!

  6. great I never thought about it but I do shoot a lot and plant them under the tomato’s…

  7. I think you should have a innertube with you with the basket or a small bucket.. innertube around it bucket with holes in string with a clip to your belt loop..
    Learned from a guy flounder giging in Florida…

  8. If you would have put a camera om uoir mimeral block stump so we kmow that the deer sre really
    licking it would encourage me to buy .it show us proof and we will believe

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