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Making Bread With The Amazing Poolish!

Using a Poolish when making your bread is an easy way to take your bread making skills into a different class. I’ve discovered that making bread doesn’t have to be hard or tricky. Making a poolish the day before I make my bread just adds an additional level of complexity.

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  1. I am nervous not because of the poolish but because of the amount of restraint I am going to have to exercise in not now inducing myself into a fresh bread coma…

  2. I LOVE that you mentionned @LivingTraditionsHomestead, the channel I watch for a long time already! Because they mentionned your and Jamie’s channel, I started watching you too!
    Very informative! Thank you!

  3. Why don’t you call this sour dough? If you feed it everyday or so, it will last for ever. My grandfather’s was around 30 years old

  4. I’ve only used sour dough starter in my breads, but watched other video’s on poolish. I guess I should break down and try it. I have a question though. If your recipe calls for the SD starter, do you use your SD starter plus the poolish or does the poolish replace the SD starter?

  5. Thank you for this method. My family loves it. Now I can stop buying bread from the store. ☺️

  6. One tip for even better poolish, use room temp or even somewhat cooler water. Taste develops better over cooler temps. Also if time allows, you can let sit for an hour at room temp and then transfer it to the fridge for up to 24 hours. You will be impressed then for sure.

  7. Sounds great. I do that and let it sit for 3 or 4 days with a coffee filter on the top of the jar under the rings. Keeps out the flys. Add double the sugar when ya mix it in your recipe. May take slightly longer to rise but BAM sour dough!! Great for pizzas!

  8. So how much poolish do you use for a loaf of bread??? Table spoon, the whole quart or just guess and go by the seat of your pants???,??

  9. No other bread can match a poolish bread in my books. It beats other breads hands down with flavor, texture, smell and look of this bread. In another video you made two loaves, they look amazing. You are a healthy bread baker for your family! I understand poolish is easier to digest due to the gluten being broken down. Happy gut, happy us:)
    Thanks for another great homesteading video!

  10. I make all.types of bread. From regular loaves, rye breads, multigrain breads, sourdough breads and artisan breads. I have never used a poolish but I am definitely going to try it. It is similar to a sourdough with the exception of time and added feedings for the sourdough. Thanks for the heads up. Will do next week when I make my breads.

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